Let’s Hit The Rewind: Clapper Rewind

It’s been 2 years since we started this app and a lot has happened. As we sat down and looked at everything we’ve accomplished, we couldn’t help but feel emotional. When we looked at the whole picture, all the campaigns, events, and new features, we realized looking back at your accomplishment is a great motivator to keep getting better. We decided it was time to give our creators an opportunity to hit rewind and look back on everything they’ve accomplished in two years. That is where Clapper Rewind was born.

Clapper Rewind was created as a way for creators to look at all their analytics from where they started to the present day. For our second year anniversary, we thought it would be fit to give them their progress on the app and ultimately make them better creators. We included the number of videos created, the times they hosted a Livestream, how many people they’ve supported, and more. What we didn’t anticipate was how many creators would join us down memory lane and share their journeys with us.

Let’s do a little rewind from the rewind!

Over 1000 users hit rewind and learned about their content like never before. Here’s what a few creators said about the rewind:

“I think this is pretty cool. Of course, I am an OG. I’m a super O-OG! My rewind said I made 647 days’ worth of material and over 1.3k videos to my credit. Horray!”


“I’ve been her 487 days and I’ve made some great friendships with quite a few of you. I love the Clapper crew their pretty much part of my community and family. I’ve made 370 videos and I have 93.6k followers. I’m in the top 1% of gifters, I like to gift my friends. My community have made my life better!”


“I saw this rewind and thought it was cool. It said that I had livestreamed for a total of 207 hours since I joined on March 10. My first livestream was on March 12.”


We’ve had such an amazing time going through the creator’s rewind and learning about their journey. However, there’s someone who’s rewind we want to highlight: Clapper! We are so happy to share this experience with you all and we want to give a special “thank you” to everyone who participated in Clapper Rewind.

The Ultimate Clapper Rewind

Let’s Hit the rewind together to see Clapper’s biggest accomplishments in 2 years!