Our Birthday Playlist From Clapper’s Finest Talent

Our birthday week is here and what better way to celebrate it than to jam with some original Clapper musicians through our Birthday Playlist. The music feature allows our creators to find the perfect sounds for their content and some of those sounds come from Clapper artists who submit their music to make people smile and to get discovered. Instead of just highlighting the most used music on Clapper this year, we decided to highlight the local talent we have here on Clapper.

You may recognize some of these talented creators, so if you find someone new, don’t hesitate to hit that follow on Clapper. It’s all about showing our support for these amazing independent artists.

For this highlight, we asked Clapper artists what music meant to them and we got some amazing responses. We also took some quotes from special conversations we’ve had with these individuals that showcase their love for their craft. Let’s see what they said!


Music is our life. It makes us happy and we couldn`t live without it. We dove into a new world and it is a way to express our feelings and to dream. Good and bad ones. A way of transferring emotions through sounds.


Song: What We Got

Clapper username:


It’s my escape from reality. the whole creative process is therapeutic to me.


Song: Basketball

Houston Bernard

Music is like breathing and it keeps me going. Creating, performing and connecting to others means the world to me.

Houston Bernard

Song: Hangover

Tristan McIntosh

Music is my everything. It’s my work and my hobby. I love it. I hate it. But I couldn’t live without it.

Tristan McIntosh

Song: I Don’t Want To Love You

Ariel Ryder

My music is emotional expression for me and also an excellent way to connect with others.

Ariel Ryder

Song: Hope for the Best

Darren Claxton

Share your music. Share your music wherever you can get honest feedback. 

Darren Claxton (Clapper Sounds)

Song: Friends


Music is everything to me, and I don’t mean in a cliché way. It’s happiness, its pain, its sadness, its therapy, but ultimately… its my own unique expression of art that lasts forever. 


Song: Can’t Say


My art is a safe space for candid expression and emotional release.


Song: Meant To Be


Fall inlove with what you are doing. If you are playing guitar, make that guitar part of you. Make yourself happy first with your instrument. You can’t think that other people are not going to like it, that can’t enter the equation.


Song: Ignorance is Bliss


Music is one of the best thing that has happened to me it got me out the streets and on to a new life


Song: Black and White Papers

Emma Hunt

It started as a pathway to healing following abuse, but now it is a journey I could never deviate from, as it gives me so much joy. Music is life-saving sometimes. All I want to do is share my music and I love this community for digging it and sharing their passions with me.

Emma Hunt

Song: Whisper to the wind (Are you leaving me)


I enjoy putting feelings into sound. I love how you can make people feel your feelings in a way.

Mykah (The Songwriter Circle Radio)

Song: Sick

Colt Montgomery

What my music and craft means to me is, Life. Music is a craft that furthers our understanding of our emotions and connections we make in this world.

Colt Montgomery

Song: Dear Son

Standing like Statues

If you spend time and invest it and don’t expect anything you’ll get a lot farther, because you are a rockstar man.

Effy from Standing Like Statues (Deep Dive Series)

Song: Truth Hurts


Hell yeah, let’s change this world!

Sindabs (Song Lyric)

Song: Let’s Change This World


Stop looking for instant gratification. You have to work hard for it.

InfamousDGutter (Interview with the Clapper Team)

Song: Champagne Fun

You can find all of these songs on our Birthday Playlist on Clapper. Use some of these songs when creating your anniversary videos and support the talent of Clapper.