Top 10 Most Popular Songs For Clapper Anniversary

Remember when Clapper still didn’t have any music? It wasn’t until not long ago that we finally had amazing beats to add to our videos, and it made Clapper more positive than it already was. Music is part of every aspect of our lives, and today is the perfect time to use it to celebrate Clapper’s birthday. We bring you the top 10 popular songs on Clapper from this past year.

With our anniversary party only a few days away, we want you to start getting in the celebrating mood. So, when Thursday arrives, you are as hype as ever. Also, we have a very special surprise for you. We are featuring among our playlist a special original song made for Clapper by one of our creators. We feel so special, if you haven’t heard it, don’t worry: It’s the first one on the list.

Enjoy Clapper’s Pre-Birthday and let us know what you think about the top 10 songs we have selected for you:

  1. Clapper Song – Sieka the Singing Saloon Lady
  2. Gypsy – Max H
  3. Having a Good Day – Benj Heard
  4. In The End – Nicky Ray
  5. La La La (Love You Like) – Duce Haus
  6. Rade – J.A.K.
  7. Rumors – Neffex
  8. Solo – Ty March
  9. Yes Man – Nate Rose
  10. You Know You Want It – Orkas

Since we are in a nostalgic mood, listen to our Top 10 popular songs to listen for Father’s Day and Fourth of July, we assure you they can all be listened to outside of their holiday.

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