Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know Bonita Cosmetics

For our Clapper Small Businesses spotlight, we’re highlighting this Clapper Shop the will have your skin glowing all week: Bonita Cosmetics.

Why Bonita Cosmetics?

Bonita Cosmetics is beauty product store with all natural ingredients that was created to help others look and feel beautiful. They sell skin care and body care products that will help with dry skin removing dead skin and dark spots. More than its pretty colors and shimmer, Bonita Cosmetics helps people with eczema in many different ways. Its founder, Akira has personal connection with this mission and loves helping people have a healthy skin. 

Clapper Shop Highlight✨

  • Price range: $5-$14
  • ALL natural ingredients
  • Treats Eczema
  • You will find scrubs, body lotions, body shimmer and lip oils

The Catalog🛍

1# Watermelon Foaming Scrub

Notes From The Shop Owner:

This is our watermelon foaming scrub designed for exfoliating dead skin, ingrown hair , dark spots and to brighten the skin naturally with all natural products.

2# Body shimmer princess collection

Notes From The Shop Owner:

My body oils helps lock in moisture into your skin for hours. It penetrates your skin protective barrier and helps maintain a radiant glow throughout the day. My body oils also prevent water loss , nourish & rejuvenate the skin!! Helps protect the skin from sun damage & aging. Helps with irritated, eczema, dry and sensitive skin. 

3# Jelly Pens

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Featuring a smooth texture, it’s comfortable to wear, hydrates, softens lips, and provides a wet look without sticky sensation.

4# Infused Lip Oils

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Infused Lip Oils Are Best For Moisturizing, Removes Flakiness , Leaves The Lips Hydrated With Less Dead Skin Cells On The Lips, Lightweight, Treat, Soothe, And Nourish That Delicate Skin While Helping Your Lips Look Juicy & Plump. Fun Fact: Sleep With Your Lip Oil On Too Let The Ingredients Sink In Overnight! 

5# Body Lotion Collection

Notes From The Shop Owner:

This is our tropical body lotion collection with all natural products: Strawberry mango, Passion fruit  and Watermelon. If you are having trouble with dry skin! WE GOT YOU. Offers skin moisture, glow and helps with dryness. Amazing for all skin types. 

The Process🧡

Keep Supporting Small Businesses!✊🏼

Thank you for supporting small businesses on Clapper. This was an amazing creator and shop. If you want to check out more products from this shop, go check @Bonitacosmetics222 on Clapper.

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