Streams Of Summer: Livestream To Earn More This Summer

Summer is all about sunshine, pool days, and… streaming. Yes, you heard it right. Stream to Earn is coming back for part two. Streams of Summer will give creators the chance to earn an extra bonus on their Livestream by achieving daily targets. This event will go from August 5 to September 5.

When we created Stream toEarn, we wanted to boost the creator economy and give our users a chance to earn more on their livestreams. The outcome was better than we ever dreamed. However, for part two we decided to change a few things:

What is “Streams of Summer”?💸

Creators will still need to go live daily and reach 1 of 3 daily diamond targets. If they reach either of those targets, they will receive an extra bonus on top of their next day’s earnings. To make those targets more accessible, we’ve lowered the targets and included more tiers so creators from all levels can participate. The daily targets are:

If you make 5,000 Diamonds on your Livestream, you get 400 diamonds Extra Bonus

If you make 10,000 Diamonds on your Livestream, you get 1000 diamonds Extra Bonus

And If you make 30,000 Diamonds on your Livestream, you get 5000 diamonds Extra Bonus

Every day you reach any of those targets, you will earn either of the extra bonus on your next day’s income. For this campaign, you can’t exceed 5000 diamonds extra bonus.

Check Your Calendar

Streams of Summer banner you will be able to check your progress calendar to keep track of all your extra income diamonds. Remember, the more you go live, the more you will earn, so try to Livestream every day to get a better result.

Extra Helpful Information✅

  • Rewards will refresh every day at 0:00 PST.
  • The final interpretation of this event is reserved to Clapper.
  • The event is not related to Apple
  • To learn how to be a successful Livestream Host and reach those daily targets read our Go Live Like A Pro article.

Enjoy and go live! What are you waiting for? Let’s see who is the top earner this summer!

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