Deep Dive Series With Annie Abe

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing an inspiring Clapper creator: Annie Abe.

@AnnieAbe is content creator that embodies what community means on Clapper. We interviewed her and found that aside from creating quality story times, and having recent talent for the arts, that she also is the pillar of an outstanding and devoted community. We were impressed with the love that she received and we are proud to have her a valued member on the app.

Keep reading this Deep Dive Series to find out more about this creator’s amazing story. Make sure to tune in every Thursday at 5pm CT on our @Clappertalks account, to listen to the bonus questions that will only be available on our live radio show: Clapper Talks.

Deep Dive into this amazing creator’s story!

We didn’t know you were such a talented painter. We the paintings you have on your shop. Is painting a big hobby for you? When did you start? 

I actually started 4 months ago. I had never painted, but one day I bought a some canvas and started painting. So, I thought maybe I could also use it for gifts to family members and friends. And in one day I finished three of them and they are listed in my Clapper shop.

You’re very insightful and inspirational when it comes to the quotes and clapbacks you post. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned about life? 

Be true to you. When you are yourself you can find the right people to help you through rough patches. I would hope that anybody going through stuff just know that there is hope. There’s always help and hope. They’ll get through it no matter what. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. But one day at a time it can happen.

So, When did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a creator begin? 

For some reason, I thought I had join around Christmas time, but when the rewind came out, it said that I had joined in January 9th. On my first video that I posted was on January 14th and that is still up. I came over here from another app. Honestly, I had no intention of making videos, I was just here to watch videos. I was never going to put my face on social media. Must social media platforms, I do not. Clapper is really a good outlet for me to just be myself and have an opinion. I can be very anonymous on Clapper that way. On Clapper, you get the real me. I love the community and It’s been a lot of fun. 

So, we notice that you do a video series that you call either “her story” or “his story” creating funny storylines about creators. Can you tell us how this series was created? 

One of the things I enjoy the most is the “his story” and “her story” videos. I do made-up stories about other creator’s lives. I have a lot of fun putting those together. For me, it’s a lot of fun, they are totally made up. I did it to bring attention to those creators and give shoutouts to them. Everyone seems to like them. 

Tell us about the #Roadto30k hashtag. 

So, I love a good competition. I believe it was Malcom2.0 had messaged be. Initially, I didn’t know what the competition was about, I just knew he had a competition with JDubs about getting a pie to the face and they were trying to get people to 30k followers. I was like, yes, let’s do it. Let’s get to 30k. When I was getting close to a 100k we were doing some funny videos, with our Clapper hats on, and sunglasses and microphones. We had pretend limo drivers and we were Clapper famous. People started having teams and it became an effort to get people to 30k.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper? In what ways do you feel like Clapper needs improvement? 

The community is the best. You get to know people and I get to go to the Nashville meetup and there’s going to be a lot of fun activities. I’ve met wonderful people in person through the app. I do think the experiences everywhere I go are great. 

For what I dislike, we all know glitches are a thing. Those story time videos that I do, its a lot of adding clips onto clips. I tried to do the editing of those on Clapper but I can’t. I have to use a third party editing app. They don’t sync well. It’s mostly just the audio syncing. If I record  on the app too, half way through my video becomes pixelated. I just post it and report it every time. 

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper?

I guess I would say that to be successful on Clapper you should try not to be so sensitive and ultimately be true to yourself. In social media people are not always who they say they are, we see a version of what they give. We got to be cautious. Keep putting out quality content and don’t put stolen material. Be helpful and be genuine. Build the community that you want and it’ll grow.

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