Deep Dive Series With Donkaaay

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing a hilarious Clapper creator: Donkaaay.

@Donkaaay is an extremely funny comedian here on Clapper, with a big community behind his content. He focuses on physical comedy, when he creates skits and bits to appeal to a larger audience without the need to say a word. On the radio, we talked about his biggest inspirations, his latest collaborations, and we got to see him interact and do some comedy live with his supporters.   

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Deep Dive into this amazing creator’s story!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day look like in your life? 

I wake up in the morning. Get up and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I go live when I brush my teeth, people like to see that. After that, I don’t put any clothes on, but my wife says I have to wear different clothes every single day. Then, I work and I go live again. When I finish work, I have time to be really funny and I go to the grocery shop or running an errand, and I do a quick live in public and see people’s reactions. Usually, that’s the highlight of my day. Then, family time and bedtime for my daughter. I have a 7-year-old daughter. After she is asleep, I do a live with really dark comedy. Then, I go to sleep. 

Tell us about your comedy. Have you always enjoyed doing comedy bits? When did you start really getting into it? 

I started right after I was a fetus. My dad and my mom are both funny. My dad is silly, goofy and my mom is a prankster, she likes to prank everybody. I have a brother and a sister and we used to do videos together. We would made little skits and laugh at each other. We got our grandpa involved and it got even funnier. Pranking him everyday. That’s where the whole comedy started. I would daily think of ways to make people laugh. 

Who are your biggest comedy inspirations? 

I would say Jim Carrey. I like how his comedy is very clever. And I like Mister Beans as well. It’s awesome. Physical comedy beats most comedy because if you have just speaking and telling jokes, you are targeting a specific small community whereas they need to speak English and understand the comedy. When it comes to only physical, where you are being goofy or making faces it speaks out to everybody. 

Most of your bits are physical comedy and that very funny “eye look” you always do. Where did that bit come from? 

I believe my dad used to do that look to me. When I did something wrong, he would do a look where he flipped his eyelid a little bit. I figured I could do it too in a comedic way. I also do it to my daughter and she does it back to me. 

We loved your collaboration with Emma Hunt representing her song in a really funny way. How did you manage to do those transitions?

Before I did this, I used to do TikToks. I have 200k followers and I got banned for nudity, and I had no nudity there. So I move to Omegle and I would do transitions back to back. I would just changed the angle by swiping my thumb back and forth and queuing myself for the next position. I’ve been doing it for so long that it became second nature. It’s kind of a little talent that I have. 

So, When did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a comedy creator begin? 

I joined in October and I started with eight people who were my community. They all had donkey names like me. So after getting banned, I came to Clapper and noticed you can actually interact with the creators and you guys. I really like that you guys were creator focused. 

What is your favorite feature to use on the app?

Livestream all day… everyday!

What advice would you give new users that want to get into comedy on social media?

Stick with your own original comedy. You don’t have to copy other jokes that you see. You can perfect it and make it better. Don’t just copy it. People see right through that. If you want something new and different, make it you, make it unique. 

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