Deep Dive Series With Jennie G Project

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing a Clapper creator that  focuses her work and energy to her community: Jennie G. 

Jennie G Project is one of the key pieces of the community on Clapper. She is a long-time OG since the app started in 2020. Since then, she has spent her time here supporting other creators and creating a place where small and big creators are constantly uplifted. Recently, she became a published author by writing a poem book called “My Soul Escapes Me”. In it, she speaks of raw and dark themes that deal with loss and finding the path to healing. We had a beautiful and touching interview with Jennie G and we hope her book can help others go through the same healing process she went through. 

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Deep Dive into this amazing creator’s story!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day look like in your life?

In the past three years I’ve had four surgeries. So the two years that I’ve been here, I’ve had two. I’ve done community service for 3 years in which I go to the cementery and clean civil war veteran’s headstones. When it comes to content I have no strategy. I used to be in the corporate world and did it for 6 years. As far as daily content, I just do whatever is on my mind. 

What made you want to write a poetry book? Have you always been a writer?

It all started with the unity shares I do on Sundays at noon. I have found a bunch of poets and writers on Clapper that I’ve showcasing for 43 weeks. It started by me showcasing Queenager’s book and the coloring book. We were talking to Kimberly about publishing and her book and I asked her how was she doing that. She said she was using Kindle Direct Publishing. I am not  shy to share that information, this is a key piece of information for writers. Anyone can put a book out there, it’s just a matter of what you want to share. 

What was the process of getting self published? was it complicated?

To be honest, at the beginning I had somebody helped me and they would put my writing in a website that I would have access to. There were a lot discrepancies about the book being done, when it wasn’t done. I questioned many things. So, I had to take what I had and do it by myself. I had to do it in the manner that they couldn’t steal things from me. This is my personal piece of my soul. Doing stuff online was big battle for me because I am dyslexic. My eyes will cross when I am reading stuff. I went through a lot of stuggles during the learning process. If I could do it, I hope it will help others to do it too. 

Tell us about the themes in your book. We saw there is a lot of loss, anxiety but also self love hidden in these poems. Can you tell us a little more about it?

To be honest that is the past of going through so many things and bad experiences. Each surgery that I had, and losing 150 lbs, it’s part of it. I’ve also dealt with PTSD and abuse from people and relationships in my past. All of that is reflected in the book. Some writings are in a sad sense and some are in a hopeful sense. It was a battle to get there and dealt with that loss. This are some of the things that we as a women have to go through and that are often not talked about. 

What is your favorite poem in the book? and which one was the most healing to write?

All of them. Some of them are really hard. The ones that were more in the story-telling sense were hard to write. “I felt it when I hugged her” was one of them. It’s about my cousin being fragile after she lost her mom. 

What are the challenges of writing a book of poems? What do people don’t take into account?

Placement of things as far as writing poems. It’s hard to structure things whenever you are assigning hidden meaning to those words. When I say “the rainbow inside me”, I am talking about my daughter. “Guardians in the sky” its about all the people I’ve lost. Finding those meanings and placing it in the poem is a process I had to go through. 

So, When did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a creator begin?

I’ve been on other apps. I saw TikTok and I felt I was babysitting, there were so many children there. So, I turned to Clapper when we were all doing COVID. I had been doing content since 2009 and then all the disability crap hit my world and god said go do what you have to do. From that point I just started building things and I’ve even been told that I do too much to have a business. It makes me laugh and I say, I am going to have one anyway. 

What is your favorite feature on the app?

My ultimate favorite feature is the one I through back at you guys. Anyone can search me in the app by the turtle emoji. I have it in my name and in my bio, so anyone can pull me up by the emoji. Makes it very cool and easy.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper? In what ways do you thing Clapper needs improvement?

Communication levels can be good here, in regards to finding out what is going on in the app. Talking to people in different areas and news around the world. I would love to do shop battles in the future. We can’t do PK with shop live, so I think it would be a really fun thing to add.

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper?

Don’t copy your videos from another platform. Try to build something new. If you are going to do DND things, take it to Fanbase, you will have a better opportunity there. Try to be real and a good human. Don’t  come in a room and say positivity and then be an asshole. 

Hope you enjoy getting to know Jennie G. For our latest deep-dive on @LiveMoreTV, read here.

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