Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know Juniper Jenn

For this week’s Clapper Small Businesses, we’re highlighting the 7th Clapper Shop of this new blog segment: Juniper Jenn.

Why Juniper Jenn?✨

Juniper Jenn is a spicy shop on Clapper that sells adult toys such as floggers and paddles. Juniper’s shop is very popular among Clapper creators with 348 sales to this date. This shop is meant to encourage women and men to explore their sexuality in different and creative ways. Her products include custom-made floggers made for every desire and style as well as paddles and soothing creams for the skin. Our favorite thing about Juniper Jenn is her bold and empowering concept and how inclusive she is with any type of audience.

Clapper Shop Highlight✨

  • Rating: 5.0⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Sales: 348
  • Price range: 1$-$198

The Catalog🛍

1# Sublime Dreams Flogger

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Nothing better than being caressed down while you smoke 2 joints. Take a little R&R with a mellow impact play session. Sometimes we need to just enjoy ourselves and enjoy a little loving, the wrong way. Made with 22-inch long quality marine vinyl, Sublime green falls with a solid white wood handle wrapped with black basket weave style faux leather. Inspired by Sublime.

2# Rainbow Flogger

Notes From The Shop Owner:

We all know that Friendship is Magic, but submission is divinity. Bring some Magic of your own with the Rainbow Dash flogger. This bright and colorful flogger has a rainbow color blend that will help you bring your very own Sonic Rainboom to your submissive and let them enjoy every fall as it caresses the skin.

3# Daddy’s Princess Paddle

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Aftercare is essential in our world. Jennifer Jenn is here to help make it feel better. Use my new spank salve directly after play sessions to reduce the sting and heat and feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

4# Brat Butter

Notes From The Shop Owner:

You’re a brat. You get what you want or you throw a fit when you don’t. So, start throwing a fit until you get Brat Butter. Your brat can use it any time of day or you can apply it to the skin during aftercare. Multiple uses and benefits. Side benefit: It makes the skin super soft so they will feel every impact the next time they get disciplined. Don’t tell them that part though.

5# Design Your Own Looped Fall Flogger

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Custom order Loop Fall Flogger made simple just choose the color of the falls you would like and what size falls you prefer. If you are placing this order on you will need to message me telling me what handle you would like. 

The Process✅

Keep Supporting Small Businesses!✊🏼

Thank you for supporting small businesses on Clapper. This was an amazing creator and shop. If you want to check out more products from this shop, go check @JuniperJenn on Clapper.

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