Halloween 2022 Campaign Announcement

Calling all goblins, ghouls, and everything in between! Our Halloween 2022 Campaign is here. Whether you want to cheer someone on or step into the spotlight yourself, we’ve got three activities to help you get your scare on. Also, listen to our spooky playlist on Spotify to enter Halloween Week with the right energy.

A gif from It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, where Sally is struggling to put on her ghost costume.

Spooky Fashion Fest 👹

This year, ClapperCreator is hosting our first-ever Spooky Fashion Fest! Join us on October 31st from 5pm-7pm as ClapperCreator goes live in PK Battles with 13 (un)lucky contestants. Each creator will have five minutes to flaunt their freaky fashion and slay the runway as they compete to take home one of our prize titles…

  • The Scariest Outfit
  • The Sassiest Outfit
  • The Community Favorite
  • The Spooky Queen
  • The Spooky King

Our 13 creepy competitors have already been chosen! This Halloween, you’ll be rooting for:

  • Rouge
  • LifeofLinna
  • CookieNotHate
  • Queenager
  • Tinytexieofficial
  • LooLoo514
  • Lori_lgb_fjb
  • Momsesh
  • Dawn2.0
  • RebellDawn
  • BlooberryBaggens
  • Unstoppableme_2004

This event will also feature live music to help everyone get into the spooky spirit. Check back on Wednesday, October 26th to see the final schedule; you’ll want to be sure you join to support your favorite creator!

A gif of Fiona Goode from American Horror Story: Coven, saying "Who's the baddest witch in town?"

#TrickorStream 🧟

Feeling fearless this year? Put it to the test with #Trickorstream. In this spooky challenge, creators will go live and ask (or wait) for someone to gift them a dice. Each number on the dice corresponds to a challenge devised by the Clapper team that the creator will have to compete. Some are good ol’ Halloween fun, and others are just plain terrifying!

  1. Summon your best Sanderson sister and cackle like a witch!
  2. Tell a spooky story
  3. Create a spell for your haters (Bippity-boppity-bye!)
  4. Show the audience the scariest picture of you from your childhood (See? Mom was right about that bowl cut!)
  5. Do your best zombie impression
  6. Mummify yourself (With toilet paper, please!)

A gif of a cat dressed as a pumpkin (he is not happy about it) while another looks concerned that they're next.

Clapper Team Costumes 🥸

This year we have an extra special challenge over on our Instagram and Twitter! Creators can vote on what costume members of the Clapper team will wear for Halloween. You heard that right, the decision is yours. We’ll be showcasing these during our Spooky Fashion Fest Livestream, so be sure to tune in to see what the winners are. You have until Wednesday, October 26th to cast your votes!

No matter how you celebrate, be sure to use the hashtags #SpookyFest #Halloween22 #Trickorstream! We hope you’ll join us for any of these fun challenges.

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