Rocktoberfest 2022: The Recap

Rocktoberfest is one of our biggest campaigns of the year. Creators go head to head to win the ultimate Stein Holding Competition. This year we decided not only to have our Stein Holding tradition, but also we incorporated a chicken dance competition where creators who love to dance and have fun could participate as well. This week-long event promoted friendly competition and fun activities for our Clapper community, and we just loved the results. We had three main activities: A Stein-Holding Tournament, a Chicken Dance Competition, and a Top Gifter Prize.

Read below to see how it went!

Stein-Holding Winner🍺🏆

Our Stein Holders gave it their all. One of our favorite parts of this competition was the connections that formed from creators that would have never met unless they were paired together. Yes, there was competitiveness, but at the same time, the people that made real connections are the real winners. It was a tight race to find our champion this year. Our finalists were @SFXRoberts and @Carl.NewcastleUK. They showed strength and commitment in all their matches, but ultimately only one could be the winner…

Congratulations to Carl.NewcastleUK! He is our 2022 Rocktoberfest Stein-Holding Champion.

I just would like to thank everyone for the love and support shown to me in the stein competition. It was amazing event and well-organized. It was so enjoyable to take part on it. Don’t forget to enter these competitions. They are so much fun.

– @Carl.NewcastleUK

Chicken Dance Winner🐔

Our Chicken Dancers left their feathers on the dance floor… literally. We got chicken makeup with feathers, a beermaid outfit, an old lady costume, and even an inflatable chicken costume. Their creativity blew us away and the most creative chicken dancers advanced to the finale. @Donkaaay and @Vibrant_Vena69 were our finalists and they absolutely killed it. Our winner was…

…Donkaaay, who was the most gifted chicken dancer in the whole competition. With 20,000 coins in one round alone. Congratulations!

Thank You Clapper. I appreciate all of you. I couldn’t have done this without my Clapper family. I fee overwhelmed with love.

– @Donkaaay

2022 Top Gifter⭐️

We asked our competitors to send us daily screenshots of each round to find the person who gifted the most during the whole event. After reviewing the submitted top gifter from each participant, we found our winner. Our top gifter with 28,074 coins was RhondaLynn37. Big shout out to Rhonda for being such a big supporter this Rocktoberfest.

The Prize: JFR Glass

JFR Glass is a talented glass artist from Austin, TX. He sponsored this year’s amazing gift for our two winners. This year, Rocktoberfest champions will receive a special blown-glass stein crafted by JFR Glass as a special prize. 

This Rocktoberfest was such a successful event and an amazing opportunity for new creators to increase their visibility and find their community. If you want to participate in more events check our weekly announcements on @ClapperCreator and @ClapperTalks.