How to Become a Clapper Affiliate

Are you interested in promoting Clapper? Do you find yourself already telling family, friends, and strangers about Clapper whenever you can? Are you loud and proud about the community you’ve built? Then you’d be a perfect fit for the Clapper Affiliate program!

The application for our Clapper Affiliate program is now OPEN; we’re looking for users that are passionate about Clapper and want to engage with new communities in the app. In this article, we’ll discuss the ideal Affiliate, their responsibilities, and the application process.

Who’s An Affiliate? 🧑‍🎓🧑‍🌾🧑‍🎨

Affiliates are Clapper creators that want to help grow the Clapper community and bring in new members from across the globe. That’s it! Our ideal Affiliate is an active and positive member of the Clapper community who wants to see it expand and welcome new users.

We were lucky to have an incredible team of Affiliates this last year. They really stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job of spreading the word about Clapper and helping us create a vibrant community. If you’re looking for examples of what you’ll be doing or want to talk with someone who was part of the program, let me introduce some of our Affiliates from 2022…

@Steve_LUFC_Official – UK

@Shellrae – US

@Rogue_– Australian

@Ryan.Hev – US

@Kerry2021 – UK

You can learn more about this year’s Affiliates and everything they accomplished in this highlight reel below!

Your Responsibilities 🎟️🎥

Clapper Affiliates will be required to attend 1 in-person event per month within their local communities. At these events, you’ll represent our brand and community and tell people about Clapper. These events could be local markets, trivia nights, concerts or shows – whatever you’d like! Wherever you think you can develop relationships with people and introduce them to the Clapper community.

As an Affiliate, you’ll also have the chance to lend a hand for in-app events and campaigns. This year, Affiliates got priority for all moderation opportunities and got to help with all the Clapper campaigns in a variety of ways. Additionally, we also asked Affiliates to help share hashtags and take part in video challenges. So not only will Affiliates be introducing new people to Clapper, but they’ll help the Clapper team forge a tight-knit community in the app.

The Process 🧡🎬🧐

This application will close on January 5th, 2023. The Clapper team will review each submission and conduct virtual interviews with every applicant. We want to gage your interest in the Affiliate program and learn a little more about how you plan to promote Clapper. Once we’ve gotten to connect with everyone, we’ll reach out to our Affiliates and let them know they’ve been selected. Then the fun begins!

The first step is to submit your Clapper Affiliate application using this link! Good luck, and as they say…