NYE Open Mic Night Recap

On December 30th, the Clapper fam went live with dozens of performers to send 2022 off with one last Clapper Open Mic Night. Team members and users tuned in from near and far to celebrate New Year’s Eve and support their favorite Clapper creators. And it was the perfect way to give 2022 one last toast!

We can’t share everything from the open mic night, but we can share a few highlights! Here are some performers from the open mic night. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve included either a recording of their performance or a video from their channel. Some of these are familiar faces you’ll recognize from campaigns and Clapper events, and others are new talent that we were excited to host for the first time.

The Performers 🎤🎸

@Spr…ng performed the winning carol from the Battle of Carols! It’s a new Christmas classic and we were so excited to hear and share it again.

@Songparrot came into the stream with an incredible idea! She took suggestions from the audience about what they were grateful for and wove them into a song.

@Raybanrhett sang an original song about dad bods and being built like a father even if you aren’t one. It had everyone in the chat jamming out, and we can’t wait to see him around the DFW area!

@LostGirlNMotion recited one of her many heart wrenching poems. Grab one of her poetry books from her Clapper Shop to hear more!

@ShanePearce sang a You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins as a tribute to his grandmother, who passed away this year. We were so excited to have Shane up to sing, and we hope to hear more music on his channel.

@kristie.kristie gave us Sheryl Crow and classic 90s folksy-rock vibes as she sang one of her original songs.  It was a great reminder that there’s beauty in the journey – a perfect song to end the year with!

@Original_YT_Papa performed one of his new songs, Bliss. We loved getting a live performance of this folksy song and you can find it on his profile to use in your own videos.

@NavyChief7574 played his original song Southern Peach, inspired by his own experiences of meeting people, thinking they’re incredible, and realizing it’s all fake.  We’ve all been there!

Our Favorite Resolution! 🎊🤔

We asked performers to share their resolutions or goals for the new year with us.  While we had some classics about spending time with people, getting out of their comfort zone, or continuing to create, our favorite came from @NavyChief7574!

He shared that this new year, he didn’t want to have any expectations. He wanted to start the new year excited and hopeful, and whatever happened by the end of it happened. We absolutely love this mindset! Resolutions can be stressful and make the end of the year disappointing. Kicking them to the curb might be helpful. Plus, this mindset keeps you open to experiencing new things!

We hope that the new year is treating you well! We can’t wait to host more open mics this year, and you can follow @ClapperSounds to hear about the next one.