Clapper Fam Tiers 101

One of the most unique features of Clapper are the Fam Tiers! This allows creators to set up support tiers right in the app they use to engage with their audience. It’s so much more convenient than third-party sites (it’s a pain to have to leave one platform to access rewards and sneak peeks on another) and supporters love getting to see comments from each other.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to set up your Clapper Fam, share some ideas for Fam Tiers benefits, and remind you of a few things to consider as you create your tiers. But let’s start with the basics…

Setting Up Your Fam Tiers 🏆

How to Activate Your Tiers 🚦

We believe everyone should be able to monetize their content from day one. That’s why we have changed our requirements. Before you would need to have a minimum of 1,000 followers to activate your tiers, now you have no follower requirements to activate your Clapper Fam tiers. You can start monetizing today!

Building Your Tiers 🧰

  1. On your profile, there will be a button that says “Creator Space”. You’ll click on this and will be taken to a page listing the different ways you can monetize.
  2.  Click “My Fam”.
  3. You’ll be taken into the Tiers Setup section, where you can select how many Tiers you want, give your Tier a name, and set the monthly price. We’ll get to that in a minute!
  4. You can select from 5 pre-loaded benefits to provide for your supporters. Feel free to select as many or as few as you like.
  5. Once you’re happy with your Fam Tiers, you’ll click “Save and Publish” – and you’re all done!

The Benefits

Preset Benefits


The Clapper Fam Tiers come preloaded with six benefits that you can offer to supporters. You don’t have to use all of these (or any of them!) but they can be great benefits that get people excited to support you. You can select which of these you’d like to include when you create tiers and tell supporters what they entail in the description.

Supporter Identity 🪪

This is the easiest of them all! Supporters with this benefit will have a tag by their name when they comment on your videos. It helps you who supports you, and lets them stand out in the comments.

Direct Message 📥

With this benefit, subscribers will be able to DM you. You can set rules about when or why, but they’ll be able to chat with you directly.

Promo Code 🛍️

You can include a special promo code that supporters can use on merch or items from your online store. Extra Tip! If you have sponsors that offer discount codes to your viewers, see if you can get these codes to match yours.

Follow Back ➕

Self-explanatory! With this benefit, you’ll follow supporters back.

Shoutout 📣

Supporters with this benefit will get a shoutout of some kind from you. Most people do (and prefer!) a quick video shouting them out, but you get to dictate what the shoutout looks like.

Merch 👕

In this support tier, subscribers will receive some kind of merch from you. This could be a sticker, a t-shirt, or whatever you’d be interested in sending them.

Include your own…

You’re not limited to just what comes preset in the Clapper Fam Tiers. You have the ability to add custom benefits to each tier and create exclusive benefits for your supporters. So long as they fit within our community guidelines, the options for these are endless. Below are some ideas you can use to make your tier stand out.

Private Radio/Live Stream 🎙️

This is a supporter-only Radio or Livestream. Set a specific time for these and share it with your supporters. You can chat with everyone, play games, offer a tutorial or advice – whatever you’d like!

Group Chat 💬

This group chat would only be for your supporters that meet a certain donation tier. Again, you decide what this group does; you can chat about your days, share advice or discuss your niche, or even drop in to share a fun fact each day. Clapper already has a Groupchat feature ready to go, so you can keep your supporters and most of their benefits in one place.

Something in Your Niche 🧶

Think of a cool benefit or perk related to your niche. An artists could draw people’s profile pictures; someone who specializes in marketing or content creation could provide feedback on videos; musicians could write or perform a song for them. Supporters already like your content, so play to that strength!

Watch Party 📺

Set a specific date and time for you and your supporters to watch a movie altogether or start a new TV show. Use Teleparty or something similar to all watch at once, or get on a Live and have everyone press “play” at the same time so you can all react together.

Exclusive Content 🔐

Give supporters a sneak peek of what’s to come or create content just for them. This isn’t just limited to Clapper, either! You can send special newsletters or advice articles, add them on other socials, or even invite them to private streams or Twitch streams.

Suggestion Box 🗳️

Give supporters in a certain category the ability to suggest content or merchandise. You don’t always have to choose their ideas, but you can give them priority!

Digital Gifts 📱

This is similar to the exclusive content, but doesn’t require as much production! These could be exclusive wallpapers or design packages, unreleased or exclusive recipes, or even a short story if you like to write.

Outside Research…

If you’re wondering about rewards for your niche – or just looking for some extra inspo – there are a ton of ways to get it! While you can’t take someone’s rewards exactly, you can still use them as a jumping off point and find ways to make them your own. Explore other people’s Fam Tiers, or peruse sights like Patreon and Kofi to see what other creatives are offering.

Sometimes, though, the most helpful thing that you can do is think about what would get you excited to support someone. And don’t be afraid to ask viewers and supporters what new benefits they might want to see, too!

One Last Note…

As you start to create your Fam Tiers, you want them to stand out from the pack. Here are two easy ways to help your Tiers feel unique and exciting.

  • Give your tiers fun names when you create them! They can be simple, like “bronze, silver, and gold”, or a little more attention grabbing and unique! This will help make your brand more consistent, and get people excited about joining your supporters.
  • If your tiers build (so everything in the first tier is included in the second, everything in the second is in the third, etc) be sure to mention that! You want to clearly state how much supporters will receive to entice them and cut down on confusion.

Clapper Fam Tiers are an incredible way to connect with your followers and grow your support base. Not to mention they’re one of the best ways to monetize your content and earn a little extra cash. To learn more about Fam Tiers, check out the “Clapper Academy” section in your Creator Space.