Ways to Promote Your Business On Clapper

With the rise of social media, it’s never been easier to promote your business and sell your products. But with such unlimited opportunities, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and daunting to narrow your tactics down. We thought we’d take some if that stress away! Below are 6 ways you can promote your business – on Clapper and beyond.

Take Us Behind the Scenes 🎥

Whether you’re packing orders, making products, or filming content, viewers love to see what happens before the product gets to them! Spend some time taking your audience through the process of creating your products. If you paint, film a vlog of the process; if you make something, try going Live and showing us how it’s done. One really popular trend is to ask customers to request to have their order packed on camera. The business owner films a video of themselves packing the order and showing off what the buyer got. Not only will this show your viewers how much you love your products, but it shows off you and your personality.

Host a Contest or Giveaway 🏆

We know these work because we’ve hosted a few of our own! Contests and giveaways are a great way to get your audience excited and engaged in your content. Plus, you get to decide the rules and what the winner gets!

One basic format is to offer a bundle of your bestselling products to 1 or 2 lucky winners. Usually there’s a few requirements involved, like; they have to like the post; they have to follow you; they have to favorite the post; they have to leave a comment. You can even give them a specific prompt to answer in the comments to show who’s really interested in winning! You can either select the winners randomly or choose your favorite responses to the prompt. It’s totally up to you and gets people really excited about your page. Plus, once the giveaway is over, you’ll have a ton of new followers.

Bonus Tip! Ask entrants to tag a few friends in their comment; it will bring more people to your page and get more eyes on your product.

Shop Live 🛍️

One of Clapper’s most unique features is Shop Live, and it’s the perfect way to promote your business. This feature allows you to go Live and list items from your Clapper Shop directly in your Live. Viewers can click in to learn more or order a product right from your Live!

And, since it’s a Live, there are quite a few things you can do.  Like…

  • Again, show us the process of making or packaging this product! This shows the care that goes into it, and makes the listed item seem even cooler.
  • Bring up a customer and have them share a testimonial about your product and why they love it so much.
  • Give us a demo! Bring out the product and show us how it works. If you sell cosmetics, give us a tutorial using your make up!
  • Chat with your audience – don’t even worry about the product! You can sit there and ang out with your viewers on Shop Live, no promo necessary!

For more tips on getting the most out of the Shop Live feature, check out our article full of ideas just for Shop Live.

Offer Social Only Deals 🤯

There’s nothing like an exclusive or a bargain to get people to buy, so why not combine both? Create a special discount code just for your followers, or mark down the items in your Clapper Shop – or do both if you feel so inclined! This shows your customers that you care about them and makes them feel important, which in turn makes them more likely to buy from you. Plus, hearing that they have a discount code available gives them an extra push to go to your shop and look around, and how could they resist after that?

If you don’t think you can sustain this long-term, try doing flash sales or offering promo codes a couple times during the year. The combination of an exclusive and a limited time offer? That’s deadly to shoppers!

Connect with Other Content Creators 🔗

If you’re on Clapper, we know you’re already building connections with other users and getting to know them. Use these to your advantage! Reach out and see if they’d be willing to unbox and make a video about your products. Not only will you reach their audience (and expand your own) but that creator feels like a real person. Viewers will trust what they say and believe them when they talk about how great your product is. They’re called Influencers for a reason!

Another added benefit? The content they create can be used in your promotions or as testimonials. So they’re helping you get the word out, reviewing your products, and potentially giving you content that you can use later. What could go wrong?

Show A Bit of YOU! 🌟

One of the most underrated and underutilized selling points for your products is you. You are the brand, you’re the one creating, they’ll buy from you. Make your social media content personal! Tell us why you started creating these products, make a little vlog showing us how you work, showoff your favorite apartments and tell us why you love them so much, or even just post an extra video or two not related to your business. You’re still spreading the word about your products, but you’ll reach a whole new audience with this variety of content and humanize you’re business. Knowing there’s a real person behind the products that truly cares about them makes people even more likely to buy.

Don’t forget: your Groupchat is a fantastic place to promote your business! If you launch a new product, want a little feedback, or have a special deal you want to promote, or just launched a new item, drop it there and let your most dedicated followers get the scoop first. And if you’re seeking some extra inspo, don’t be afraid to look at other small businesses. If you like something they’re doing, try adapting it and putting your own spin on it (with credit, of course!). A pinned video with an introduction to your business never hurt anyone, either. 😉