#WeDareYou on Clapper

Clapper is all about community. So of course we’re thrilled that #WeDareYou has taken over our FYPs! #WeDareYou is a challenge series hosted by 2 Clapper creators; though it began last week, it’s already united hundreds of people all across the app. In this article, we’ll be diving into the challenge, it’s origins, and helping reveal the newest task!


Over the course of 8 weeks, 10 creators will compete in a series of video challenges. Each week the hosts will share the new dare and the competitors will have 1 week to post their responses.  At the end of the week, the creator with the least amount of likes is eliminated. The final creator left standing will be the winner. @_Kicks and @Queenager (also knows as Kiki!) will host an official awards ceremony on Livestream where the winner will get a trophy.

The Competitors











The first challenge was Fill Your Boots, in which creators had to fill their old shoes with something and try ’em on. For example, Dr. Kenny filled his shoes with ramen, sardines, and cheese; Linna put an organic twist on the challenge and filled her boots with mud; and JDubs went for a classic, mushy oatmeal. Chef_Ev was the first creator eliminated, but the 2nd challenge has already been set. Who will “freeze up” and “get the boot” next week?

Week 2’s Challenge

How do I get involved?

While here are no more official competitor slots open, there’s nothing saying you can’t complete the challenges yourself. If you’ve got an old pair of boots lying around or a bunch of ice you aren’t using, press record and post your own version of the dare.

Throughout the challenge, competitors are also building their own entourage! Think of an entourage like cheerleaders, who’ll promote their favorite competitors and help them win. Keep an eye out to see if your favorite competitor has their own flock of fans.

And, obviously, the best way to take part in the challenge is liking your favorite creator’s videos. This will decide who wins, so it will have the most impact. No matter what else you do, don’t forget this important piece of the puzzle.

Who started this?

#WeDareYou is the brainchild of @_Kicks and @Queenager, who are 2 long-time Clapper creators. Both are known for spreading positivity on Clapper, as well as discussing their struggles with mental health. So when Mental Health Awareness month rolled around, they decided to combine forces and use laughter as a way to counter depression and anxiety. We agree that laughter can be incredible medicine, and we couldn’t have picked two better people to help dole it out.

Keep checking in with #WeDareYou to see the creators completing a new, hilarious challenge each week. To learn more about Kicks, check out his Deep Dive Interview; to hear Kiki’s content creation insight, check out Balancing Parenting and Social Media.