What’s Trending On Clapper? #MayActivities

What’s happening this month? Keep up with Clapper’s campaigns and latest trends so you can plan your content ahead. Read on May’s new trends and get the inside scoop on Clapper’s latest campaigns below!

Mental Health Awareness Month 🧠

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the US. We couldn’t let this observance pass us by, and we wanted to highlight Clapper creators that help others deal with their mental health. Whether they’re professionals sharing their knowledge or creators showing us ways to relax, we’re so excited to learn from them!

#MentalHealthAwareness 🥰

Use this hashtag all month to share your experiences with mental health. Tell us your tactics for dealing with mental health, how you relax and practice some self-care, or advice you have for creators that might be going through similar struggles.

Creator Livestreams 📱

Every Wednesday, we’ll be going Live with creators to hear their insights into self care and mental health. Each creator will lead the Clapper team through a different activity to help us relax and explore a small way to take care of ourselves. Tune into @ClapperCreator Wednesdays at 5pm CST to hear from:

May 3rd – @LucidLifeVibes (meditation session)

May 10th – @YogaTips (yoga session)

May 17th – @AshmarLiving (art session)

May 24th – @CanWeColour (coloring session)*

May 31st – @OG_PAPAW (meditation session)

*Since we’ll be coloring, @CanWeColour has sent us 2 different coloring sheet options! You can find them at the bottom of this article or use your own.

MHA Clapper Talks Radio Interviews 📻

To help creators learn how to manage their mental health, we’re hosting a special series of Clapper Talks Radios! We’ll be sitting down with Mental Health professionals and creators that help people manage their mental health.

May 4th at 5pm CST – @BeatAnxiety.Me is an emotional health coach. It’s easy to let day-to-day worries build and overtake you, and Ryan helps people break free from anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, and more.

May 18th at 5pm CST – @NisaaRobinson is a burnout specialist. In such a fast-paced world, it can be easy to hit our limit without realizing. We can’t wait to hear Nisaa’s insight into burnout and how to combat it.

May 25th at 5pm CST – Panel with @BeatAnxiety.Me, @NisaaRobinson, and @OG_PAPAW. We’ll be sitting down with these creators to discuss how they deal with mental health and how creators can take small steps to manage their own.

You can tune into @ClapperCreator, @ClapperAcademy, or @ClapperTalks to learn from these incredible creators!

#CincoDeMayo 🪅

Share your #CincoDeMayo festivities or traditions with this hashtag! And be sure to listen up if someone is telling you the history of this holiday.

Mother’s Day 💖

Celebrate the incredible women who have shaped your life this Mother’s Day on Clapper. Whether you want to tell a story about your mom or plan to give a little motherly advice, we want to hear it.

#mothersday23 💐

However you celebrate this May, let us know using the hashtag #mothersday23. Share your thoughts, feelings, and festivities with the Clapper community, or just express your own gratitude to the moms in your life!

#IToldYouSo 🤷‍♀️

Every mother has a great “I Told You So” story, even if she doesn’t lord it over her children. Share your “I Told You So” moment with this hashtag! And who knows, you may be saving someone a lot of hurt.

Mother’s Day Panel 🎙️

On May 11th, we’ll be hosting a special Clapper Talks Radio Mother’s Day Panel. We’ll be sitting down with moms from all across the app to hear about their experiences, funny stories, advice, and more. We’ll be revealing the interviewees soon, so keep an eye out for more information.

Memorial Day 🫡

This year you can use the hashtag #MemorialDay23 to honor the veteran’s in your life. It’s one small way all of us can share our thanks for their service!

And that’s everything we’ve got coming up this May! Don’t forget to check out your Explore page each week to see what our other trending hashtags are.

Below are the coloring pages from @CanWeColour. Both of these were made by Lulu Mayo and we’ll be coloring them on Livestream!

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