Clapper Levels 101

We talk a lot about gifting creators, but we don’t often discuss how gifting can benefit the sender, too. No, we don’t mean that feel-good moment when someone gets excited about your gift. At Clapper, there’s some perks to gifting your favorite creators. And with Clapper Levels, it’s almost as fun as receiving them.


In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of Clapper Levels. What is it, what the special perks mean, and how to get started today. Spoiler alert: it’s so easy you’ve probably already started.

What Are Clapper Levels? 🌡️

Clapper Levels is a tiered benefits system to help reward our avid gifters. The more gifts you give, the  more you level up. Each level comes with it’s own exclusive perks, like banners, frames, and entry graphics!

Where Do I Find My Levels? 🔍

If you’re looking to start your Levels or if you’re a long-time gifter, you’ll find your Levels in the same place. And it’s a very familiar one!

  1. Go to any Livestream and click the gift button at the bottom right corner. If you’ve never gifted before, it’s the button that looks like a yellow and orange gift box.
  2. Once you click the gift button, you’ll see a menu page for our gift options (shown to the right). Above that, you’ll find one of two things: a prompt telling you to start your Levels journey, or a progress bar showing you how close you are to the next level. Click that!
  3. Now you should be on the Levels page, where you’ll see the different levels and their benefits. You can also see how many coins you need to send to move to the next Level.

How Do I Start? 🪙

Send a gift. No really, that’s it! If you want to start leveling up, start sending your favorite creators gifts.

What are the Perks? 🏆

Each level comes with it’s own perks, but they’re all similar. You can see which you’ve unlocked by looking at each individual perk. If it’s not available (you haven’t reached that level yet), it will have a little locked icon next to it. The screenshots we include below will have this little icon as an example!

Medals 🏅

Medals are little icons that appear by your username in Livestreams. They range from 1 – 50, and clearly show other creators what level you’re on. The level 1 medal will be the first thing you receive on your Levels journey!

Frames 🖼️

Frames will appear on your profile picture in a Livestream and are our favorite part of Clapper Levels! These draw a little more attention to you in the Livestream chat and add some flair to your profile. They go from level 10 – 50.

Entry Banners 🎊

At level 30, you earn an Entry Effect. This is a golden banner that displays each time you enter a livestream. Everyone in the Livestream can see this, no matter if you send a gift or not.

There are also gifts that notify everyone in every Livestream when sent. These gifts will have an orange world icon in the left corner and include classics like the Castle, the LoveAircraft, and the Lovely Train. So if you gift one of these, everyone in a livestream will see that you sent it!

Levels FAQ ❓

Do my levels change? 🤔

Yes, your levels will change as you gift. So the more you gift, the higher your level will be.

Gifts reset after 365, so if you gift 1,000 coins on day 1, they will be subtracted from your levels on day 366 when they reset. In order to maintain your level (or continue to move up) you can send more gifts!

Do frames, banners, and medals display across the app? 🤔

Right now, the frames, banners, and medals only display in Livestreams. They will appear on or around your profile picture each time you enter a Livestream.

What if my gift is returned? 🤔

If a Livestream host returns your gift, your Levels progress will be reduced accordingly. But you can still resend the gift to a new creator to return to your previous level.

If my level is lowered, will I still have access to the perks I earned? 🤔

No, you will not.  When your level is lowered, you lose access to the privileges of the other level. As an example, if @ClapperCreator is on level 30 one day and moves down to level 29 the next, they will loose access to all the benefits of level 30 until they return to that level.

What gifts go toward my Levels? 🤔

Only Livestream gifts go toward Levels. Gifts sent on videos or in Radios do not count toward these.

You can learn more about Levels in this @ClapperAcademy video. Explore other ways to support your favorite creators by reading our Monetizing 101 article.