Watchlist: Top 5 Musicians on Clapper

It doesn’t take much time to realize that there are so many people and communities on Clapper. Just a few minutes of scrolling will show you art, politics, comedians, reaction videos, cooking, gardening, viral news – it’s honestly a little mindboggling! With so much to celebrate on the app, we wanted to start a series to help you explore what the Clapper Fam has to offer. Watchlist is a monthly collection of creators to help you explore a specific Clapper niche, and this week we’re highlighting our Top Musicians.

As before, it was impossible to select just 5 musicians to feature in this article. We are so proud of all of the talented creators we have on Clapper and could post thousands of versions of this article. We selected a creator from a smattering of genres, but we hope to revamp this article one day to feature even more of our amazing creators. Be sure to give @ClapperSounds a follow and join their Groupchat if you’d like to see more of our incredible musicians.

Rap/Hip Hop: @Beatspeare

Beatspeare is a Clapper OG who’s been sharing his music on the app since the beginning. He’s an indie artist who uses Clapper as a way to showcase his music and his personality. His first studio album Cyberpunk dropped this year, but he’s been giving his Clapper followers plenty to jam out to since the beginning.

Country: @Brettmichaelmonka

Clapper has a wealth of country musicians, but our jaws dropped when we came across Brett’s page! His sound is classic country that’s equal parts soulful and toe-tapping. He plays covers of country favorites and his own, original music. Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, he’ll make a country fan out of anyone.

Folk: @ArtistEmmaHunt

Any member of the ClapperSounds Groupchat will recognize Emma! Emma Hunt is a UK based singer-songwriter making a splash on and off Clapper. She’s auditioned for both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, and that same showmanship shines through in her videos. She’s always creating exciting backdrops and costumes to match her song.

R&B: @ClarissaDiokno

Clarissa’s sound can’t be limited to one genre, but she has the perfect R&B voice. Clarissa’s profile features both covers and originals, and blends together R&B and pop into a rich sound. She also shares behind the scenes of music videos, performances, and even goofier videos where we really get to know her.

Rock: @EffysWorld

Drums are a vital part of any rock and roll anthem – and if you don’t believe us, talk to Effy! This UK-based drummer shares snippets of her jam sessions on her Clapper, showing off her impressive covers (across genres and artists!) and even posts clips of her own work. We also love seeing the shenanigans she gets up to!

Thank you for joining us for this month’s installment of Watchlist: Top 5 Musicians on Clapper! Give these creators a follow and be sure to thank them for their service. To check out our Top 5 Veterans, read last month’s Watchlist.