The Bloom + Bling Breakdown

There’s just 1 month left in our Bloom + Bling! Bloom + Bling is the newest edition of our Stream to Earn campaigns, in-app events that you (and the Clapper team!) can’t get enough of. Why? Because anyone who goes Live through June 30th has the chance to increase their Livestream earnings by 30%. It’s literally as easy as opening the app and starting a new Livestream.

But before you open the app and start racking up extra diamonds, let’s cover some basics about the event.

What are the rules? 💎

Just like our past Stream to Earns, the more you stream, the more earning potential you have! When you earn at least 1,000 diamonds, you’ll win extra percentages on your earnings for that stream. This time, we have 6 challenges that creators can work toward, which you can see in-app or to the left. This time creators can earn up to $100,000 extra dollars!

To get these extra bonuses, all you have to do is go live and earn at least 1,000 diamonds. It’s that easy! When you earn a bonus, it will immediately be added to your total earnings.

Bloom + Bling banner 💐

Our in-app banner is your hub for all things Bloom + Bling. Here you can track your earnings and bonus for the day, the rules and tiers, how much you’ve earned the entire campaign, and other important details about the event. To find it all you do is go to the Explore page in the Clapper app; it will display at the very top!

Other helpful information 💚

  • Rewards will refresh every day at 0:00 PST.
  • The final interpretation of this event is reserved for Clapper.
  • The last day of the event is June 30th.
  • The event is not related to Apple.
  • To learn how to be a successful Livestream Host and reach those daily targets, read our Go Live Like A Pro article.
  • If you’re brand new and unsure how to go Live, read our Livestreams 101 article.

So, what are you waiting for? Go live this month so you can spread and earn a little extra bling! Good luck!