Clapper Shops at the Dallas Creator Social

There’s so much to look forward to at the Dallas Creator Social, but we can’t stop thinking about the Clapper Bazaar! We’ll be hosting a special space for some of our favorite Clapper Shop icons. From floggers to custom art, handcrafted pieces and more, we can’t wait to see them in-person. So much so that we wanted to share an exclusive sneak peek with all of you! These are the shops you can look forward to seeing – and some of the items you can try to snag.


A set of a wine glass holder and two coasters, maybe of blue resin and gold pieces, from AshmarLiving.

This shop sells unbelievable resin products, including mandalas and beautiful trinket jars. We’ve been lucky enough to learn about Ashmar’s products before, and we can’t wait to see all her creations in person.


Nature, Clapper, handmade art – this shop sells products featuring everything that matters. You’ll be able to grab some Clapper puzzles, shirts, or a koozie, and merch featuring some of your other favorite creators.


This shop sells a variety of self- and bodycare items, but she’s best known for their eczema relief and candles. She loves finding just the right scent for every product, so you best believe we’ll be sniffing all of them.


If you’re spooky all year ’round and or looking for a few statement jewelry pieces, look no further. WyrdWhismy designs jewelry and accessories, ranging from M&M hair clips to bat earrings and even rune sets!


This shop sells everything you need to host or share a toast! She’ll be bringing some of her incredible aprons and drinkware accessories, but she’s also launched some exclusive Halloween designs just for the DCS.


JDubs is a multi-talented artist. Sugar skulls, abstract and acrylic pieces, pendants, custom art – if you want it, JDubs probably has it! A lot of his pieces are one of a kind, so you have to grab it before someone else does.


This shop sells adult toys like floggers and paddles, as well as aftercare products and other fun adult items! If you’re looking to spice up your life or grab a non-traditional piece of art, this is the shop for you.

If you want to learn more about the DCS (and see where the bazaar is on a map) check out our landing page! It’s got everything you need to prepare for the Creator Social.