Your Summer Playlist from Clapper Musicians

Whether you’re having a stay-cation or making a little road trip to Dallas, the top summer essential is the perfect playlist. And those of us that have been on Clapper for a while know that the creators usually have plenty of incredible music to choose from. Even better, many of them are on Spotify. In this article, we’ll be taking you through some of our recent favorites!

“Won For Y’all” by Rob Georg

With a classic country sound and a toe-tapping beat, “Won for Y’all” is a guaranteed summer party starter.

“Hey Lover” by The Mufasa

The Mufasa is a bluesy/folk/rock artist known for his gravelly voice and weekly Livestreams. “Hey Lover” is his first Spotify release, and we can’t wait to hear more!

“Skylines” by Standing Like Statues

Pop-punk is perfect for summer! There’s something about it that screams sunshine and hot car seats. And no one does pop-punk quite like Standing Like Statues.

“BaeBeeBoo” by rIVerse

We got to feature rIVerse in our Clapper Pride Parade this year. We loved them and their music instantly: we sprinted to Spotify to hear more!

“ALL CAP”  by Beatspeare

Honestly, most of Beatspeare’s music is perfect for any summer playlist. But “ALL CAP” really takes the cake for The Clapper Team!


There’s something about AEIOU that feels nostalgic – like it would be part of a summer cult classic or coming of age movie. We can’t put our finger on it…

“Worth Your While” by Ariel Ryder (aka Songparrot)

If you’ve been on the music side of Clapper for even a day, you’ve definitely heard Ariel’s voice before! She sounds just as fantastic off the app.

“wondrous life” by AltoKey

Alto Key is a UK based indie musician best known for posting musical challenges – and he’s got a new release coming out!  Presave Alto Key’s “for you” here!

“Fiesta Cancion” by SGDietzMusic

SGDietz is new to the music scene and we’re loving his unique style. “Fiesta Cancion” is perfect for any mid-work-day dance breaks you may need.

“get my fill” by Alyssa Gillen

Have you ever sipped sweet tea on a porch just before sunset? That’s kind of what Alyssa’s music feels like!

Honorable Mention: “Daydreams” by Sabela Bee

You can listen to these artists and more on the app, and through the playlist below.