“Summer” Bucket List from the Clapper Team

Whether it’s summer or winter where you are, the months of June, July, and August pass in literally a blink of an eye. And if you’re anything like the Clapper team, you’ve got a summer bucket list you’re trying to work through! Even though there’s still plenty of time left before the season ends, we’ve still got plenty to check off.

If you’re looking for something exciting to do this month or need your own bucket list inspo, we’ll be sharing items from the Clapper team’s individual bucket lists. There’s a something for the adventurous, the artistic, and the unmotivated alike!

Get a Tattoo 💉

You probably don’t need an excuse to get another tattoo – and neither do we. Our Senior Art Director said right away that getting a tattoo was on his summer bucket list, and we’ve had several team members show up with new ink throughout the season!

Clean Something 🧼

Sounds vague, but hear us out! Cleaning makes everything feel fresh and lighter and new – and there’s few things that feel better. Our Creator Partnerships Associate will be cleaning out her closet and donating her clothes, our CMO will be cleaning out his garage, and we have three team members who moved this month and are excited to get settled in! Even if you just dust and vacuum, you’ll feel so accomplished.

Go to a Concert 🧑‍🎤

Our Social Media Manager plans to go to three concerts before the season ends, and summer provides a ton of options. Check out local venues or communities to see if they’re throwing something, or check your favorite group’s social media.

Go to a Theme Park 🎢

We have a couple of theme parks not too far from the office and can confirm it’s a great way to spend a day. One of our Community Management Associates will be taking a trip to Six Flags Over Texas, but we’re all eying the Hawaiian Falls nearby.

Take a Vacation ⛱️

Everyone gets a little wanderlust during the summer. Instead of ignoring that sudden interest, lean into it! Our Social Media Manager will be taking a big, European trip, and our Director of Creator Partnerships will be taking a road trip. Even if you just go down the road a bit, try to see something new!

Get in the Kitchen 🥖

Whether you’re beating the heat or running from the cold, baking is a rewarding way to do just that. Our Content Writer wants to start her breadmaking journey this summer. And we hope she needs a few tasters! Try making cocktails if you need to keep cool.

Learn a New Skill 💡

No matter how old you are, everyone feels like they have more energy in the summer. Take advantage and learn something new! For example, our CMO will be teaching his kids how to ride their bikes (the perfect summer activity) and our Head of Operations wants to learn to surf.

Knock Out a Passion Project ❤️‍🔥

Don’t forget to slow down and spend some time doing something that you love. Our Content Writer will start revising one of her manuscripts, our Social Media Manager will be working on her podcast, and our Creator Partnerships Associate will be wrapping up production for a song.

Explore New Kinds of Content 📸

Whether you’re just starting out or have been creating for a while, spice up your content creation by trying new niches. Our Community Management Associate feels drawn to a lot of different areas. Among her big goals for the season is trying each one out and finding which one she likes best!

Don’t forget to look at what you’ve already created! Spend some time seeing what past content you loved and may want to continue again. The Clapper Rewind will give you the perfect headstart.

Prioritize YOU! 🛀

Often we put a lot of emphasis on things that are “productive” or “useful” and forget to do things that are just plain fun. Our Senior Art Director wants to get to level 100 on his Diablo 4 character, our Head of Operations wants to tan at the pool, and our Creator Partnerships Associate wants to get back into scrapbooking. Maybe you can’t make money at these, but they’re fun. So they’re important. Even if all you do is read one book, make sure you’re doing something purely for enjoyment.

Be sure to share your summer highlights on Clapper! Show the community what you get up to, or see if anyone’s accomplished one of these. You may get some valuable insight that makes all the difference.