Deep Dive with Esser’s Expressions

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we’re interviewing content creator and small business owner, Emily of Esser’s Expressions!

Esser’s Expressions (@EssersExpressions on Clapper) is an apparel brand. And owner Emily is a self-identified hype girl. She creates content about her products and shares snippets of her life, and you can see her designs on all your favorite creators. We talked with Emily about her marketing tips, her content plans for the rest of the year, how she balances everything, her advice for new creators, and more!

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Tell us a little more about yourself! What does a day in your life look like?

It’s busy! It’s crazy sometimes, and I am 110% a schedule person. I have a planner that has all the things and that’s really what keeps me organized. Right now I work part-time as a nurse at my kid’s school. I’ve worked as an ICU nurse, ER nurse, a Stepdown ICU nurse, and a hospice nurse, and I work to keep my license in check. On days where I’m at the school, I can’t really do small business stuff and try to do it after my kiddos are in bed. But on my off days, I’m a full-time small business owner.

Organization is the number one key to any small business. It will help you be way less stressed. Typically I have shipments of my graphic apparel come in one or two days a week, and those are the days I complete orders and get everything out. I don’t like stuff sitting, waiting to get done. If it’s in my possession, it is getting out and to you ASAP. So it’s busy, it’s crazy, but it’s really good.

Having a small business means taking the time to properly promote yourself. What has been the best marketing strategy for your business and why?

Consistency.  Consistency is key in everything. I have a Facebook group and Facebook page where I originally started this venture, then I got Instagram, and about a year and a half ago, I got a TikTok. Then talks of the TikTok ban came and I found Clapper! Which I’m so thankful for. At first I was hesitant, because most of my TikTok content was the dancing stuff, the trending sounds, where I didn’t have to talk into the camera. So coming to Clapper and the authenticity and talking into the camera took a long time to get used to. Now that I’m here and things are growing, it’s been much easier to create business content when you’re being yourself and being honest and people can see who you are. So that is my number one thing: just staying consistent and posting everyday. That’s going to grow your small business the most. People will see you, see your stuff, and reach out to you.

We noticed how active you are on social media. That’s awesome! How do you balance being a mom, small business owner, and content creator?

A planner for sure, but even on top of that, I use Google Docs and Spreadsheets like crazy. This is where all my orders go. I put in everything that I need to do for the day, the week, and stuff that needs ordered. I have columns for if stuff’s been ordered, if it’s been paid, how they’re picking it up, etc. That’s my number one tip: Google Docs has been a lifesaver for my business.

Being a small business owner is never easy, having to manage orders, marketing, and so much more. Tell us how you overcome these struggles. Or tell us what has been your main struggle with maintaining a small business.

Going back to the organization thing, that’s key. I get hundreds of orders a week and I’m a one-man show. Somebody designs for me occasionally, but other than that I’m one-man band. I take all my orders through my website, I document them on Google Sheets, I order them, I do the finances, I do everything.

As far as difficulties, I try not to let too much get me down. I try not to have too many difficulties and think of them as a learning tool. But difficult customers at times would be the number one. Sometimes people are angry because it’s not what they wanted or something went wrong. I’m a people pleaser and it very much hurts my feelings when people don’t like my things, or they talk bad about me, or come at me harshly instead of trying to have an adult conversation. That’s the hardest thing I have to deal with, which isn’t often, thank goodness.

So, when did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a creator begin?

I joined Clapper at the end of March, and it has been great. At the beginning, like I said, it was a struggle getting the hang of things. My FYP was a little insane, so I just pushed through and found people that I jive with as a mom, a nurse, a small business owner, as a person in general. I’ve had very steady growth here, and that’s all due to consistency. I try to post 2 times a day, up to 4 times. The more you post, the more people see you and your items, get to know you better, and hopefully fall in love with you and want to follow you!

We’ve noticed that you provide a lot of advice and motivation to small business owners. Can we expect to see more content like this on your account?

Absolutely! I’m in a few groups on Facebook that kind of teach small businesses how to be a small business and how to succeed. It’s crossed my mind a few times to start something like that – not the same as them but something of the sort. I feel like small business owners have a lot of questions and how to’s and where to start, and we all start somewhere. I want everyone to succeed and I believe there are enough customers out there for everybody. Nobody is stealing my vibe or anything like that. We can all purchase from anybody. So yes I would like to in the future start doing stuff more based toward small business, because I do feel like I’m very organized and very well put together. I have a flow that works really well, and that’s something I could teach other people.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper? In what ways do you feel like Clapper needs improvement?

So now that I’ve been on it for a while, I most enjoy that it’s authentic. You can sit in front of the camera, talk to it, be yourself, and that is what they want. It’s hard to wake up everyday and do your hair, put on make up, and look “professional” for the camera. It’s very nice that you can go on looking like yourself and people know you and fall in love with you that way. That is a big one for me. 

As far as how they can improve, that’s kind of tough. I don’t really have an answer for that one! I feel like Clapper’s doing great and…yeah, I don’t have an answer for that one.

We’ve also noticed that you’ve linked your website in your bio. Can your community on Clapper expect you to create your very own Clapper Shop anytime soon?

Now that you say that, that would be the one thing I would change! I’m hesitant about opening a Clapper Shop, and I actually just posted a video about this the other day. People have said they don’t love shopping on it; I haven’t researched fully in-depth, but I know funds don’t come out right away, and that people have to say they’ve received their order. So I guess my one change would be working on that. Because I’d love to have a Shop in the future!

What advice would you give to other small business owners who are just beginning their journey?

I would say just do it! Jump in and do it, because you’re losing out on people, on customers, on friends the longer you wait. I know sometimes it’s difficult to speak in front of the camera or do the trending stuff, but in this day and age, that’s how you’re going to get your name out there. It’s what the world revolves around.

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