Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Clapper

Celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture this month on Clapper! We have seen such incredible growth in our Hispanic community over the last few months, and we are so proud to have this vibrant, supportive community on our app. And there’s no better time to celebrate than Hispanic Heritage Month!

We’ve got an exciting line-up of creator collaborations, Livestream events, and exclusive games to celebrate. Read on to learn more about our partner creators and how you can get involved!

What is Hispanic Heritage Month? 🤔

Every year, September 15th – October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month in the US. Founded in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week and expanded to a month in 1988, the start date coincides with with the national independence day of several South American countries. You can find local celebrations in your community, like art showcases, cultural fairs, and more! But if you’re looking to celebrate digitally, with creators from a variety of Hispanic cultures, the Clapper Hispanic Heritage Month campaign is your perfect opportunity.

Special Livestreams 📸

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, Clapper creators will be going Live to celebrate their culture and share their heritage with the Clapper community. We’ll have musical performances, trivia nights, Lotería, and more. Get to know all our partner creators and when they’ll be going Live below!

Lotería Game Night on September 15th at 5pm CST with…

  1. @lupitaMartinez69740435
  2. @Danielrenemusic
  3. @Ashmarliving
  4. @LdSweetZs
  5. @Celiacruz1
  6. @Mariana.mvt
  7. @EvanEgerer
  8. @PabloAntonioZelaya
  9. @AriMedrano

Musical Performance on September 20th at 5pm CST with @Danielrenemusic

Fitness Party on October 4th at 5pm CST with @lupitaMartinez69740435

Clapper Fiesta on October 13th at 5pm CST with…

Lotería! 🃏

Lotería is a game of chance, similar to Bingo. But instead of numbers and letters, Lotería.  is called and played with images on a deck of cards. We’ve created a special set of digital Lotería cards for you to play on your Livestreams. You can join any of our partner creators’ games, host your own game night, or join us on September 15 for the Clapper team Lotería!

Download your Lotería card at the end of the article. There’s ten to choose from, so only pick one – and choose wisely!

Hispanic Heritage Panels 🎙️

We’ll be hosting two Clapper Talks Panels this month, hosted by @ClapperCreator. The Clapper team will sit down with creators to hear more about their backgrounds, experiences, and what they love about their Hispanic Heritage. Join us for one (or both!) of these conversations – and bring your questions!

September 21st at 5pm CST with…

October 12th at 5pm CST with…

Piñata Livestream Game 🪅

Make any Livestream a fiesta with our new piñata Livestream game! This game can only be activated by the Livestream host, but everyone has a chance to participate. The host activates the piñata, which will appear in the top right of the screen. Viewers can “hit” the piñata by sending the bat gift. The more viewers hit the piñata, the closer it gets to cracking open. When the piñata breaks, the host and the last person to it hit will each get a piece of the prize! And this one is much better than candy. The winners will get diamonds!

We have other exciting gifts, as well. You can spread a little Hispanic Heritage Month cheer in any Livestream with our Sugar Skull or El Mundo! Find them in the gift menu, with our other beautiful gifts.

Other Helpful Info

Check out our promo video to learn more!

Lotería Cards

Lotería is a game of luck, so save the card that speaks to you.