Rocktoberfest: Clapper’s Spin on Oktoberfest

Clapper’s Rocktoberfest is returning for it’s 3rd year! At this point, no campaign feels more Clapper than Rocktoberfest – and it’s hard to find another so beloved by the Clapper community. This year’s Rocktoberfest will be September 25th – 29th, with three new gifts you can share with your favorite Livestream host.  In this article, we’ll be unveiling our events, discussing the history of Oktoberfest, and sharing an extra special giveaway. Prost!

What is Oktoberfest? 🥨

Oktoberfest is a two-week festival dating back to October of 1810. The original Oktoberfest was actually a wedding celebration for the crown prince of Bavaria, where citizens attended festivals and horse races hosted by the royal family. The family decided to host a festival again the next year and combine it with the local agricultural fair. In 1818 they set up booths serving food and drink. And, in the 20th century, booths expanded into beerhalls, temporary structures with balanconies, bandstands, and space for up to 6,000 people.

By now, Oktoberfest is associated with beersteins, beer maids, and Bavarian pretzels (the king of pretzels).  This year, the 188th Oktoberfest will be held in Munich. That’s not a journey most of us can make, but a quick Google search will pull up a ton of Oktoberfest events right around the corner. In the Clapper region alone, we were able to find at least five at the drop of a hat!

…So Why Rocktoberfest? 🤔

Again, not everyone can attend the true Oktoberfest in Munich. And Clapper was founded in the middle of the COVID pandemic. A lot of Oktoberfest festivals simply weren’t happening – and even if they were, people probably didn’t want to go! Rocktoberfest was a way to bring our community together and celebrate this super fun holiday. Plus, any excuse to drink a little beer or have a pretzel is one we’ll gladly take.

Rocktoberfest 2023 🧡

From September 25th – 29th, there will be four activities for you to look forward to. Whether you want to let your competitive streak shine or just want to chat with someone new, we’ve made sure there’s an event for you!

Stein-Holding Competition 🍻

This Oktoberfest classic is a staple of our Rocktoberfest activities. Creators receive an official Clapper Rocktoberfest stein to use (and keep!) and are pitted against each other in tournament style PK Battles. Competitors must fill their glasses with any drinkable liquid and hold their stein with a straight arm. The person who holds their stein the longest moves on to the next round. Beer is not required, and neither the winner or loser have to actually drink from their stein.

Our final line up of competitors are:

Monday Sept 25th

1:00pm CST – @ClapperCreator Opening Livestream

1:30pm CST – @LDSweetZs vs @JustMandy

2:00pm CST – @sashaelitelive vs @RebellDawn

2:30pm CST – @Meshellwisconsin vs @SongParrot

3:00pm CST – @Marksowavy vs @BigCountryky91.2

3:30pm CST – @SandingShit vs @Spontaneouslysam

4:00pm CST – @JoshyJosh214 vs @JDubsArt

4:30pm CST – @JordanJMendoza vs @Momsesh

5:00pm CST – @Ironmanmike vs @Jreada

You can check Rocktoberfest banner in the Explore page every morning for bracket updates.

Chicken Dance Contest 🐥

We went a little rogue last year and hosted a chicken dance-off. No, this isn’t part of the usual Oktoberfest activities, but we had such a fun time that we had to bring it back. And there’s polka music – that’s close, right?

In this tournament style bracket, two creators will go head to head via PK Battle to see who has the strongest community and the best chicken dance. Competitors have to incorporate the entire dance throughout their Live, but they have creative freedom when it comes to keeping the audience engaged. And you’d be surprised the lengths people will go to in order to keep their viewers’ interest! Literal feathers are bound to fly. Our line up of competitors and their time slots are below. Mark your calendars for your favorite!

Tuesday Sept 26th

3:00 pm CST – @ClapperCreator Opening Livestream

3:30pm CST – @Queenager vs @710Dankie

4:00pm CST – @LexyMoonLight vs @OG_Goddess

4:30pm CST – @PinkMarieKelley vs @LittleMissm.23

5:00pm CST – @Donkaaay vs @Dieselbobes

You can check Rocktoberfest banner in the Explore page every morning for bracket updates.

Beer Maids 🌼

We’re bringing back beer maids and men to liven up this year’s festivities. Beer maids will be hosting special Livestreams before each PK Battle, chatting with our contestants and building up the energy in their Livestreams. This year, our beer maids are:










Rocktoberfest Gifts 🍺

We’ve got a trio of exclusive gifts to help celebrate this Rocktoberfest – and they’re in the gift library now! Our personal favorite is the little beer stein, but we can’t wait to see the beer aid and frames in action. Log in now and send your favorite creator a Rocktoberfest gift!