Clapper’s 2023 Rocktoberfest Winners

Our third Rocktoberfest came, and we had such a great time watching creators connect and compete! Whether we were moderating a chat or cheering for a Livestream, our team was totally engrossed in Rocktoberfest this year. But like all good things, it had to come to an end. In this article, we’re announcing the winners of our contests and recapping some of our favorite moments.

Stein-Holding Winner🍺🏆

Our stein holders had a real challenge on their hands this year. Or, should we say, in their hand? Our custom-made steins were even bigger this year, holding a whopping 24 oz – a full liter! Each contestant had to fill their stein to the brim and hold it with a straight arm.

The creators were there to win, but we loved seeing people meet for the first time and connect. We saw a lot of potential collaborations brewing, but there was one duo we hope to see working together again! Our finalists were @Joshyjosh214 and @BigCountry9k12. Both of these Rocktoberfest newcomers were tough to beat, but eventually someone had to give. The winner is…

Congratulations to @Joshyjosh214! He is our 2023 Rocktoberfest Stein Holding Champion.

Chicken Dance Winner🐔🏆

The chicken dance contest is deceptively simple. Two competitors go head to head (beak to beak?) in a PK Battle. They must do the chicken dance the whole time and keep the audience engaged: the winner is the creators who receives the most gifts. We’ve got a lot of incredible entertainers on this app, so it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds!

This year, @Donkaaay returned to defend his title as 2022 Chicken Dance winner, and newcomer @LexyMoonLight was ready to give him a run for his money. This year’s winner is…

Congratulations to @LexyMoonLight, our 2023 Rocktoberfest Chicken Dance Champion.

I’m overwhelmed because of all my friends and everybody that was supporting me. How we built friendships with people that are living around the world. I can meet people from Europe, USA, and Texas – and I love Texas people, they’re amazing! Thank you to everyone who has been building such a nice community. I’ve met such nice people through this event, so thank you everybody.

The Official Recap

Check out our official recap video below! Relive your favorite moments or get caught up on the #ClapperTea. 🫖

Read more about our full line-up of creators in our announcement blog.