The Road to Verification Pt. 2: Clapper’s Creator Verification

Social media verification is confusing. It doesn’t help that each one is so different; you get one under control, and the next is something completely new. That’s why we’ll be breaking down the road to verification on Clapper in this new series. And today, we’re covering the first (tangible) step in the verification process: Creator verification.

Verification on Clapper 🧡

We have a bit of a different verification system on Clapper. Most platforms offer only a Blue Check verification, and only the biggest, most successful creators on their platform can get verified. But at Clapper, we have two-step verification, meaning you don’t have to become an internet celebrity to get verified and you’ve got more than one shot at getting verified.

A screenshot from the app with the requirements for Creator Verification.

You’ll receive a notification when you’re eligible for verification. The application will be available in your Creator Space, under the “Support” heading. You can submit your application or review the requirements under the “My Verification” heading. When you meet the requirements to apply for verification, a check will appear instead of the x. You must earn your Creator verification in order to apply for your Blue Check.

Creator Verification 🪪

Our Creator verification review looks at 3 different kinds of criteria.

  1. Identity. Are you who you claim to be? If you’re making content and building a platform, we want to ensure that you’re who you claim to be.
  2. Category. What kind of content do you create? You can select this to ensure it’s the best fit. We’ll touch on this again in a minute.
  3. Quality. We want original, high quality videos on Clapper. We’ll review your content to ensure it meets those standards.

In addition, we’ll also review your account to ensure you meet a few data requirements. You’ll need to have…

  • at least 3k followers
  • at least 1 video over 3k views
  • at least 7 videos created in the last 30 days

All of this ensures that you’re not only an active creator, but that you make great videos, have expertise in a specific community, and are who you claim to be.

How to Get Verified 🤔

Identity and Category

When you apply for Creator verification, you’ll be asked to submit a few supporting documents. These will not only verify your identity, but also verify that you’re knowledgeable in your selected category. These can be:

  • a photocopy of your ID
  • an employer letter
  • a business card
  • a vocational certificate
  • award or medal

You do not have to submit all of these materials. If you’re a vlogger and just share day-in-the-life-style content, a photocopy of your ID would be enough. But if you make cooking videos and claim to be a chef, you’ll also want to send in any certifications or awards you have. You’ll upload a picture of this document when you submit your application. Be sure the picture is clear and easy to see!

Content and Engagement

The verification team will also review your app activity to ensure you’re active in the Clapper community and making high-quality content. We’ll break these down into further sections.

High quality content doesn’t mean you need expensive equipment or a ton of time. Our team just wants to make sure we can easily see and hear you. Make sure your videos are not grainy, blurry, or delayed: make sure your audio is clear and that we can understand what you’re saying. There should be good light and not a ton of background noise.

For engagement, we’ll look at a few different factors. Is this creator going Live regularly? Are they responding to followers? Make sure that you’re finding ways to engage with your followers and the Clapper community and large. Regularly. We recommend going Live or hosting a Radio at least once a week and engaging with your community every day.

Keeping Your Verification 🏅

We have a separate team that reviews, approves, and tracks verification. They will monitor the activity of verified accounts to ensure they live up to standards and are a positive force in the Clapper community. To keep your verification, make sure…

  • You maintain the minimum follower and content requirements for Creator verification,
  • You’re respecting and following the community guidelines,
  • You’re engaging with your community,
  • You’re a positive creator.

For the last piece, we want to ensure you’re using your Creator verification for good! That doesn’t mean everything has to be sunshine and roses; we still want you to be real. But we don’t want you bullying, harassing, or generally being hateful. If you want to be a verified Clapper creator, then you’re going to need to be an overall positive member of the community!

Our Next Stop 🗺️

In our next article, we’ll be looking at the next step in our verification process: Blue Check verification. In the meantime, you can review Part 1, our verification tips, and Verification 101. You can also check out this Creator verification tutorial from @ClapperAcademy.