Watchlist: Top 5 Small Businesses on Clapper App

It doesn’t take much time to realize that there are so many people and communities on Clapper. Just a few minutes of scrolling will show you art, politics, comedians, reaction videos, cooking, gardening, viral news – it’s honestly a little mindboggling! With so much to celebrate on the app, we wanted to start a series to help you explore what the Clapper Fam has to offer. Watchlist is a monthly collection of creators to help you explore a specific Clapper niche, and we’re highlighting some of our favorite small businesses on Clapper. Just in time for all your Christmas gift needs!

Our Top 5 Small Businesses on Clapper

Apparel: @EssersExpressions 👕

Esser’s Expressions is a t-shirts and apparel small business. She makes fun seasonal collections, custom shirts for businesses or fundraisers, and is even branching into fun glasses! All her products are designed and printed out of her home. And if you get something tie-dyed, she dyes it herself!

Self-Care: @Wheelsovermatter 🕯️

Ana (also known as Wheels Over Matter) is a long-time Clapper creator and small business owner. She creates incredible self-care products, like lip balms, soap, and more. But she’s best known for her VIP Treatment for eczema relief. We’ve used some of her products ourselves and can attest: they’re obsession-worthy!

Home: @Alexthealchemyst 🖼️

Alex is a resin artist who makes beautiful home decor. Whether you need trinket trays, serotonin-inducing figures, or just want to watch a some relaxing content, he’s got you covered.

Jewelry: @WyrdandWhimsy 💎

“Jewelry” doesn’t even begin to cover everything Wyrd and Whimsy offers. In addition to some adorable and unique earrings, you can also get crystals, candles, runes, herbs, and more!

Pottery and Ceramics: @KeramikSLU 🏺

Who doesn’t want custom pottery?! @KeramikSLU has several listing in her Clapper shop. You get a few pounds of wax and get to work with her as she throws them. That means you play an active role in the creation from start to finish.

Usually we just post our top five…but we’ve got such incredible small businesses that we wanted to shoutout a few more!

3D Printed, Nerdy Goodies: @BennyG

Hunting Apparel: @WomenHuntToo

You can also revisit our top 5 artists on Clapper to meet some other incredible small business owners.

Thank you for joining us for this month’s installment of Watchlist: Top 5 Small Businesses on Clapper! To check out our Top 5 Spooky Creators, read last month’s Watchlist.