The Clapper Community Fair

Come one, come all to the Clapper Community Fair! On November 7th – 9th and November 14th – 16th, our top communities will go Live with the Clapper team. Learn more about their communities with a series of six inspiring Livestreams, mesmerizing performances, and a thrilling audience challenges.

Consider this article your map of the fairgrounds. We’ll be covering the communities, the exciting performances, and our creator challenge.

The Main Attractions 🎪

Six of our top communities will go Live with @ClapperCreator to help us learn more about them. You’ll meet their community leaders, learn more about what the community has to offer, and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Meet Our Veterans 🪖

Nov 7 at 1pm CST

Meet Our Artists 🎨

Nov 8 at 1pm CST

Meet Our Wellness Community 🌱

Nov 9 at 1pm CST

Meet Our Fitness Community 💪

Nov 14 at 1pm CST

Meet Our Spiritual Community 🔮

Nov 15 at 1pm CST

Meet Our Shops 🛍️

Nov 16 at 1pm CST

The Side Acts 🎶

What would a fair be without a little sideshow to underscore the main acts? We’ve got some incredible performers lined up to help us celebrate these communities!

@MysterE – November 7th

@AndrewHandrick – November 8th

@EmmaHuntArtist – November 9th

@DJ_Mazza – November 14th

@Rogue_– November 15th

@SfxRobert – November 16th

The Community Challenge 🎡

Maybe we don’t have a virtual arcade (yet 👀) but we do have an exciting challenge you can take part in. We want to see which community is the favorite and need your help deciding!

Each community has a limited edition Livestream gift. At the end of the campaign, we’ll tally up all the gift usage to see which community has the most used gift. The community with the most used gift will be ann0unced in our Town Hall on November 17th at 3pm CST.

Check out our landing page banner to get a sneak preview of all six gifts. Start sending your favorite today to show your support!

Other Ways to Get Involved 🍿

Use the hashtag #CommunityFair to share your excitement and meet all of the creators individually. You can also update your Profile Tags to host your own Community Fair. Find new communities and topics you’re excited about and scroll through the users with the same tags. No need to go Live…unless you want to, of course!

Mark your calendars for Nov 7 at 1pm CST! We can’t wait to see y’all there!