Creators Are Organizing The First Uk Clapper Meetup

Clapper communities are not just groups of individuals supporting each others’ content. Here at Clapper, communities are becoming a family. People are actually getting to know each other, visiting creators who live far across the country. That’s how we differentiate Clapper from other social media outlets. It’s the creators making little families of their own on this platform that makes it special. This is why … Continue reading Creators Are Organizing The First Uk Clapper Meetup

3rd Rock Media and Clapper Present: Clapper Holiday Bazaar

December is the busiest month of the year when it comes to shopping and decorating. For this upcoming holiday 3rd, Rock Media and Clapper partnered once again to organize an incredible event: A Holiday Bazaar. It’s a three-day virtual holiday market featuring Clapper small businesses and shop owners. This merry market experience will take place from December 13th through the 15th on the Clapper app.  … Continue reading 3rd Rock Media and Clapper Present: Clapper Holiday Bazaar

Clapper Honors Native Heritage Month

Our cultural heritage is always going to be a big part of our lives. In America and other continents, the lands we stand on were once part of ancient tribes and natives who worked the land, hunted, and created cultural traditions and celebrations. This month of November we decided to pay tribute to all the natives that still maintain those traditions and all of the … Continue reading Clapper Honors Native Heritage Month

FAQ About The Clapper Shop

E-commerce is the next big thing for the tech world. After releasing Clapper Shops the response and engagement we received have been incredible. Our small businesses, bosses, and crafters are really taking advantage of what this new feature has to offer. After our first blog introducing Clapper Shop, we went ahead and collected the most frequently asked questions about the Clapper Shop. This way you … Continue reading FAQ About The Clapper Shop

Deep Dive Series With @PabloAntonioZelaya

For this week’s Deep Dive Series we are interviewing a talented Latino creator: @PabloAntonioZelaya. Salvadorian creator Pablo Antonio Zelaya is a man of multiple talents. Not only he is one of the lead singers in an amazing band called Pablo Antonio Y La Firma, but also he spends the rest of his time teaching Spanish across platforms. On Clapper, his content focuses on daily lessons … Continue reading Deep Dive Series With @PabloAntonioZelaya

Let Us Introduce: Clapper Shop

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople – this one is for all of you. Clapper is adding a new feature, the Clapper shop, which will allow any creator to list products to sell to their communities. This is also an amazing opportunity to support small businesses on Clapper, we want to encourage everyone on Clapper to buy local and explore what other creators are offering. … Continue reading Let Us Introduce: Clapper Shop