Multi Live 101

Livestreams are one of the most popular ways to connect with your audience and reach new followers, and Multi Live makes them even more engaging. With our newest (and perhaps best!) feature yet, you can go Live with up to 8 of your friends. You’ll never be bored or lonely again with Clapper Multi Live.

To help you jump right in and start getting the most out of this feature, we wanted to dive deep and answer any questions you have about it. How to use it, what to do, gifting – all of it. Keep reading so you can host your first Multi Live with confidence.

What is Multi Live? 💥

Multi Live is Clapper’s biggest feature yet. It takes our Livestreams to the next level, so now up to 9 creators can go Live at once. An added bonus is that the co-hosts can all turn off their video or mute their mic during the Live. The host isn’t able to (they’re the host after all!) but if the other creators need to step away or feel camera shy, they can still be included in the Live.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what the Multi Live is, let’s get into how to start one.

Hosting a Multi Live 📷

The first few steps are a lot like going Live. We’ve covered them in our Livestreams 101 article, but we’ll break down the whole process in case you’re new here!

Starting a Live 🎬

  1. Open Clapper. You should immediately be on your For You Page. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a plus sign icon.
  2. Click the plus sign. A menu will pop up with three buttons: one for Radio, one for Video, and on the right, one for Live. Select it.
  3. Once you select “Live”, you’ll be taken to another menu page. There are several settings you can adjust here, which we’ll get into in a minute. Once everything is to your liking and you’re ready to go, just hit “Start Live”.
  4. A final menu will come up, going over the basic community guidelines for Lives. You’ll be prompted to agree to three rules: you won’t be nude, you’re over 18 years old, and you’ve reviewed the community guidelines. Once you agree to all three, there’ll be a quick countdown, and boom, you’re live!

Starting a Multi Live

  1. On your Live, there will be settings along the bottom of the screen. The middle button has 3 profile illustrations/avatars. This is the invite button, where you’ll send invitations to creators for Multi or Dual Live.
  2. Once you click the Invite button, you’ll be shown a list of eligible people to go Live with. You can invite any creator from your Live, but you may have a few “raise their hand”.  You choose the creator you want to go Live with.
  3. If they accept the request, you’ll be taken into a Dual Live! The two of you will appear on screen and you can continue inviting creators through the invite button or by clicking on them in the chat.
  4. Once you get to 3 hosts, a 4th screen will appear with a plus sign and “Invite”. This makes it easier to invite a 4th creator and makes the screen look nice and symmetrical! This will only appear if you have an odd number of creators.

Live Settings 🧰

Before you start your Multi Live, there are a couple of settings you can adjust. We won’t run through all of them again (you can find them in our Livestreams 101 article!) but we wanted to touch on them anyway.

When you first open the Live camera, you can select if you’ll use the front or back camera. You’ll also see the option to select (and adjust!) Beauty Filters, give your Livestream a title, and make your Live a Shop Live. And, when you first go Live, you’ll be asked if you’d like to notify your followers. We recommend notifying your followers to make sure you get as many people in your Live as possible! Once all the hosts are in the Livestream, they can choose to go DnD. This would lock the Livestream and keep new people from entering.

Requesting to Multi Live 📨

There are two ways to request to join a Live. Either one works, but the host may have a way they prefer…or you may have a way you prefer!

Raising Your Hand 🙋

Head into the Live you want to join. On the bottom of the screen, to the right of the comment bar, there will be a hand emoji. Click this to raise your hand and send a request to join the Livestream. This will show as a notification on the host’s screen, and they can either accept your request or ignore it for the time being.

These are the ways the creators can interact with Livestreams. The far left is the Comment bar, where they can type questions or ask to Dual Live with the host. Next to it is the Raise Hand option, which allows viewers to send a Dual Live request directly to the host.

Leave a Comment 💬

You can also comment in the Livestream chat that you want to join them! Ask them if they want to go Multi Live, or if they ask if someone would like to come up say “yes!” Creators can select directly from the Livestream chat by clicking a viewer’s username. They’re shown a couple of options for how they want to interact with your account: they’ll click the “Go live with Username” and you’ll be in a Multi Live.

Gifting 🍩

Gifters can choose which creator they’d like to send a gift to. Unlike in a Dual Live where the host is given all the gifts, viewers can send gifts to individual creators in the Livestream. When you join a Multi Live, any gifts you send will automatically go to the creator who’s Livestream you entered. But changing that is easy. Let’s walk through it!

In this example, @ClapperCreator has gone Live with @ClapperAcademy, @ClapperSounds, and @ClapperTalk. If someone joins through @ClapperSounds’ Live, any gifts they send will automatically go to them. But if they want to send a gift to @ClapperAcademy, all they have to do is open the gifting menu and click the “Send to” tab at the top (shown below).  This will open so they can see all the hosts and select which one they want.

Exiting the Multi Live 📴

If you want to exit your Multi Live, all you do is click the red “end call” sign by your name.  You can also leave by going through the menu on your bottom right corner.  The host and remove any guest by clicking on their name.

What Can I Do on Multi Live? 💡

Since up to 9 people can go on a Multi Live, the possibilities for collaboration are endless. We see so many creators host interviews on Livestream, and now everyone can get in on the fun. You can host hang out nights with all your friends, speed dating for your single pals, trivia games – anything you can think of. Don’t be surprised if you come across a few Clapper team members just working on a Multi Live.

If you can dream it, Multi Live can make it happen. You’ve got all you need to start or join your first Multi Live. Now get out there and go Live! 🧡

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