Add 30 days holding period to Clapper Fam

When Clapper Fam was launched, there was not holding period for Clapper Fam’s income. With growing transactions, we found that there are some Fam subscription refund issues between Creator and Supporter, which brings a lot of trouble to both parties. In order to prevent such things from happening frequently and to protect the rights and interests of Creator and Supporter at the same time, we have added the 30 days holding period to Clapper Fam’s income. After adding 30 days holding period, the Fam income of Creator will still enter your Incomepage as before but will be displayed in Pending Balance. You can check your detailed transactions on the Income page. The tier’s support and renewal amount will be showing in your Pending Balance, which allows you to withdraw after 30 days from the date support your tier. The reason we hold for 30 days is to allow you to complete the service for your supporters and to ensure the supporter doesn’t want a refund.