Clapper’s Official Response To Recent Bullying Campaign

We have discovered that some personal grievances and bullying campaigns have been brought to the Clapper app recently and it has forced people to stand in line with each other. This is not what we stand for as an accepting community. Clapper tries to bring out the best in people, with a positive attitude and a fondness for connecting with people. This recent behavior will affect Clapper’s existing active and open community.

Today we are here to announce our official stance in the matter.

  1. All bullying behaviors must be reported only when it happens in Clapper. Because in this way, we can actually track it down, see the evidence, investigate and cut it by its root. If it does violate our community rules, we will enforce it right away. No exceptions!
  1. We cannot enforce any actions on bullying behavior or historical issues that came from or occured on other platforms and are brought to clapper. Clapper is like the New World. Everyone came to Clapper like the old explorers came to the United States. We don’t see your behavior in other countries, as long as you don’t do it under our rule. At Clapper everyone starts fresh, however, we don’t stand for violators and bullies that bring negativity to the app. Together we build our new continent – Clapper FAM, or the United Clapper, if you will. 
  1. The behavior of forcing others to stand in line and dragging people down, we call it a bullying campaign. This is a serious violation of our guidelines and we won’t permit it. Once we confirm violators, we will enforce the first warning and the second ban penalty. We don’t want this kind of behavior to continue to happen in the New World. It is truly against our mission and it affects Clapper’s existing active and open community.

Lastly, we just want to encourage you to be kind to each other. We live in a world where hate speech is more common than it should be. Let’s be the exception. Let’s be better. 

Thank you,

The Clapper Fam 👍🏼

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