Happy Mother’s Day To The #Clappermoms

From our family to yours: Happy Mother’s Day! As a special surprise, we have put together a group of inspiring moms from Clapper in this blog. We want to share some of the moms’ content in their special day. If you weren’t featured in here, do not worry! We value all of you and today we still have some great surprises for you.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!💐


We love the positivity @singlemomsjourney brings to Clapper. She has two kiddos and is passionate about fitness routines and interacting with others on the Clapper platform.

Our favorite thing: She is an avid Clap-backer, she interacts with many creators and always has positive feedback to give them. That’s how you build a community.


@Ninaandfam867 is always delighting us with her beautiful family: Her husband and her two adorable children. She makes funny and challenging videos of what her household reality looks like. We love it!

Our Favorite thing: Her family games. By far, the most fun of all is the “Yes or No” game.


@Coffeemamascott is a work-from-home mom with three kids ages: 11, 7 and 1. We love this creator because of the candidness of her videos, especially her engagement with fitness creators by doing they’re routines.

Our favorite thing: Her beautiful baby boy melts our hearts!


@Momsesh is always showing us a good time with her at-home videos! We love her honesty and her cute children. She is also part of our Canadian mom network and gives excellent information about the realities of homeschooling your kids.

Our favorite thing: Her crafts! She encourages creativity to her kids and we are all for it!


We take @Desiree’s advices very seriously! She has fun-loving personality and her storytelling videos are so fun to listen to. We love how devoted she is with her son!

Our favorite thing: The love she spreads as a mom.


Sandina is a stay-at-home mom of a toddler and she is pregnant with her second child! Her content is hilarious and really shows the funny parts of being a parent and dealing with all types of crazy situations.

Our favorite thing: Her maternity advice and, for sure, her yoga pants!


@Momma.C7 is a mother of seven kids! Yes, you heard us, Seven! We love how proud and authentic she is about her motherhood and her national pride being Chilean-American! Keep being a super mom!

Our favorite thing: Her big family and her big heart!


This UK mom has us melting away with her sweet children. She’s always doing fun activities and spending quality time with them, we are just lucky enough to witness it!

Our favorite thing: Roller-skating and dancing in the rain!


Clarisse has very inspirational content. This mom actually has varied content. From being at home with the kiddos, to voicing her opinion on serious topics and connecting with others. She brightens everyone’s day with her positivity.

Our favorite thing: Mom and son hikes


If you want a perfect Mother’s Day recipe, definitely check this talented momma. Aside of being a keto specialist and a great chef, she is a very passionate mom!

Our favorite thing: Her transparency and emotional story! Also, her heart-shaped waffles!


This single mom is a true beauty. We love her relationship with her son and the fun activities she shares with us. We also think her lovely two-year-old son is hilarious and precious!

Our favorite thing: Time in the pool with mommy!


This mom has excellent content and crisp and catchy videos. She is a mom of two and has an amazing energy and attitude in all of her videos.

Our favorite thing: Her mom hacks.


Niki is a mom of three fun children. Her content is funny and accurate when it comes to raising little humans. We are loving the trends and dance parties that this family has created.

Our favorite thing: Her youngest toddler camera time!


@recoveringbossbabe is as real as you can get. She is honest and proud of her journey, and that is very important for us at Clapper. She is a mom that talks a lot about self worth and recovery from addiction. She has been sober for 15 years. We are proud of you!

Our favorite thing: To bring positivity into adversity


If you want to have a good laugh, this mom will get the job done. Not only is her “mom life” content hilarious, is also extremely relatable. We love that this boss mom is giving people reasons to smile.

Our favorite thing: The spontaneous great content.

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