Nearby 101

Our mission at Clapper is to empower our creators. We want to make sure everyone has a channel to speak their mind, the opportunity to show their life, and the possibility to be seen. We want you to Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Valued. With every update and feature, we keep moving forward with this mission. Our Nearby feature gives you a way to “Be Seen” by a bigger audience.

The Nearby feature allows creators to set the location of their videos and find other people’s content in nearby places. This is an opportunity to find new friends in areas closer to you and people you want to get to know in different communities, states or even countries. Countries where Nearby works are: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

How Does The Nearby Feature Work?


Clapper New Nearby Feature

The Nearby feature appears on the initial page of your Clapper app, next to Following and For You, so it’s easy to access. You can see people’s videos based on their city or country.

First Steps👣

When you first install the Clapper app, this prompt will come up asking you to enable your location. Clapper will not automatically show your location, and you’ll have the chance to set it up whenever you want. It’s important to note that we will not use your exact location, only your ZIP Code. We kept keeping everyone’s privacy and right to reveal their location in mind. Just as you can turn Nearby on, you CAN turn it off on your settings. You can change, update, or remove your location even after you set it up. 

Use our Hashtag #Nearby 📍

Creators can use the hashtag #Nearby in their videos as well as enabling their location to showcase their surroundings and what they are up to. This allows you to meet new people all over the world and maybe a friendly neighbor on your area, even if you don’t use the Nearby feature.

Download the Clapper app and start exploring here!

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