Deep Dive Series with Red Headed Rebel

For this week’s Deep Dive Series we are interviewing Sherry Jurach, the creator behind @Red_headed_rebel!

Sherry  is an amazing creator who has cracked the code when it comes to building a community. She talks about self-branding, authenticity and she created a the trending hashtag #lovedrop20 to keep people connected with each other. This is what we at Clapper call being an engaged and dedicated creator.

Keep on reading this deep dive series about this beautiful creator’s life!

What does a day in your life look like?

Literally, I get up in the morning. I have my granddaughter during the day, so I have to get her off to school first thing in the morning. Then I come back, I spend 1 to 2 hours here on Clapper, engaging, going through different lives, hosting my own lives, checking different content and then I go pick my granddaughter up. Then around five, I tend to get on the app again and engage and do lives. That’s pretty much my day, it’s consumed around family and Clapper.

How did your journey to become a creator begin?

I stumble upon it. I still don’t know how I came to know of Clapper. I was on Facebook and I couldn’t deal with the one-sided conversation, so Clapper was free speech and I was like ‘great’. So, I came over here and vented a lot for a while. That’s how my content started to grow around politics. Once the new community guidelines came out I had to reinvent my content a little bit and then again in February. So, I have reinvented myself three times in this app. 

You seem to talk a lot about creating your brand in your content. What can you tell us about that?

I’ve been in network marketing for about 20 years now for different companies. The one thing that we’ve always been talking about is “you are the brand”,  so people are basically buying you. It’s about like and trust. I focus around being the best version of myself  and that brand. Basically, branding is just being you. This is the problem I had with facebook: if you are not authentic it comes across in everything you do when you’re branding. That’s why I’ve been successful in Clapper, because I’ve been authentic. 

That I created out of a necessity. I started as a selfish reason, I am not gonna lie. I was like: I need to get more views. Because I wanted to get recertified. I said “I need 20 people” and the 20 people in my livestream at that moment raised their hands. I said “Great, this is what we are going to do,we are going to engage in each other’s content everyday for 7 days and see what happens”. It was magic. That’s how it started and it kinda went crazy. I’m humbled that so many people would want to participate.

What do you like most about Clapper?

Family. We’re like a family. We came together in the height of the pandemic. I get goosebumps every time I say this. The connections I’ve made, I have been on platforms for years and  don’t have these connections. Its like a family. 

In what ways do you feel Clapper needs improvement?

One thing I will say, the back office that tracks who your supporters are needs to be mashed together because sometimes in the transactions I can see supporters but in my monetized button it doesn’t show that. Or vice versa. And also, going forward the locked livestreams are a bad thing only because I don’t think we should exclude people. 

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper app?

I always say be authentic. If you check comments I am always saying this. Be you. There is all this people say we need filters, no we don’t. We just need people to be original and be themselves. We get so caught up in the kardashian look, its just like lets just be ourselves.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future? 

To help more people develop. I struggle with many things like mental health so if I can touch more people in that area which I have been on this platform would be amazing. To help them come out of that shell. So many people have been withdrawn with all that is going on. When you talk about it it enables healing. So that is what I want to help promote in my brand.

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