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It has happened to all of us. We have a great idea, we start recording, but the end result doesn’t look the way we intended it to look. Too dark, too loud or too shaky. When embarking in the path of content creation, there are a few recording tools any creator should have on their list. Most people are unaware of the fact that theses recording accessories can get pricy and, when added, they become impossible to afford. We, at Clapper, want our creators to have the best content and we want to help you achieve that next level of video recording, without the need of heavy editing. So, we’ve curated a list of Clapper essential recording tools.

Did we also mention all 10 items are under $25? Yes, believe it.

Here are your Clapper-approved essential recording tools on the budget from Amazon!

Flexible Tripod


A flexible tripod is always a good idea if you are recording in different unusual locations. If you don’t always have sturdy surfaces, you can attach or tangle the tripod anywhere. Good for videos on-the-go or different surfaces.

Price: $16

Short Ring Light

short light tool

If your thing is to sit down and talk in front of the camera, this is perfect you. Not only you’ll have great lighting, but also you can set it up in your desk and any table at your home. It works for one-on-one videos, lives and indoors videos.

Price: $20

Long Ring Light

ring light tool

Where are our fitness people at? This ring light works for recording movement, dances, and full-body workouts. Adjust the height as you want and start moving.

Price: $25

Pin Microphone

pin microphone

If you are narrating a video or doing a show-and-tell from a distance, this mic will make your sound crisp and clear. This mic is also helpful for voiceovers when editing your videos.

Price: $13

Iphone Adapter

essential adapter

If you have an iPhone, you are most likely going to need this for any of the generics lights and mics. If you are interested in the mic above this and have an iPhone, don’t forget to buy this along with it.

Price: $8

Clip Ring Light For Phone

ring light tool

Anytime you feel like recording, you’ll be ready. Good for improvised videos, especially at night. Just pop your clip ring, place it on top of your phone camera and hit record.

Price: $10

Waterproof Phone Bag

waterproof case

With quarantine coming to an end, everyone is ready to travel again. Going to the beach or the pool this summer doesn’t mean your content has to come to a stop. Take a dry bag and keep recording your good times and adventures.

Price: $5.49

Overhead Tripod

tripod tool

If you are an artist, this tripod will showcase your art pieces perfectly. If you like to cook, this is a perfect way to record the process of making it and showing the final dish. Basically, if you are an artist of any kind this will work for you.

Price: $21

Short Softbox Light

soft box lighting

For more professional lighting these two soft-boxes will make your lighting feel flawless. Good for small businesses who want to show their products with maximum quality.

Price: $23

Table Microphone

recording mic

Your radios and lives on Clapper will feel like your personal podcast with this mic. For a more intimate, conversational style of videos, this mic will work wonders. If you have an iPhone don’t forget to buy the reccomended adapter above.

Price: $20

You can add any of this Clapper items to you cart through our public Amazon list.

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