1 year anniversary

Clapper Anniversary Announcement: One Year of Community🎂

Happy Birthday, Clapper! It has been a whole year since a simple idea became the amazing platform that Clapper has become today. We couldn’t let this occasion go by without giving you some very special activities to celebrate with us. For anyone who has been on Clapper long enough knows that our purpose is to cultivate a sense of community. For this first Clapper anniversary, we will do just that; involve the community.

Make sure you participate, we’ll see you soon!


You deserve a little treat. The top 5 gift contributors on our Livestream will be sent a mystery box with Clapper items and surprises. We encourage you to participate because our new merchandise is out of this world. Don’t take our word for it, here’s a little teaser for our anniversary merch.

Clapper Game Show🎮

Join us for our first Clapper Game Show on our Livestream this Thursday at 7pm Central Time. Our hosts will ask 10-15 Clapper-related questions where we will accept requests from people to join and try to answer them. Whoever answers correctly will receive a mystery prize. We also have special performances for entertainment and a chance for you to meet our whole staff for the first time.

Clapper Recap Challenge🔙

Clapback one of your favorite creator’s oldest videos on Clapper and talk about how far they’ve come and reflect on their journey on Clapper. This is a great opportunity to engage with your community and celebrate a year of Clapper content at the same time. Don’t forget to use the #RecapChallenge hashtag on your videos.

Blog Calendar🗓

For this week, we will be publishing three blogs: The Top 10 Favorite Songs on Clapper. A very special Deep Dive Series with three surprise creators who have been on Clapper since it all started. And lastly, a 1-year-recap of Clapper’s history this past year, everything from the beginning until today.


Remember to use #ClapperBirthday and #ClapperAnniversary on all your videos about the Clapper anniversary. Celebrate with us and make a video telling us why you joined clapper and what you love about our platform.

Thank you for a great year! All our activities will be also announced on @ClapperCreator, make sure to check out the video announcement.


Clapper Team🧡

If you haven’t checked out our campaign #DancingAgainstBullies, here it is!