Deep Dive Series: Clapper Anniversary Edition

For a very special and surprise Clapper anniversary edition, we bring you three top creators for our week’s Deep Dive Series. These amazing creators have been here since it all started and have managed to use Clapper to their advantage. All three of them have amazing trajectories in this app, starting with their incredible following base, constant and entertaining content, and a passion for their own communities.

We are so incredibly proud of how far they’ve all come to be where they are today. What better way to celebrate Clapper’s Birthday than with these Clapper legends. Enjoy this Clapper anniversary edition and read what these creators had to say about their time in the app this past year.

Without further ado, we give you: @ShellRae, @InfamousPanda, and @TheBlackSpiderman.

When did you start using Clapper?

@ShellRae: Created account in the middle of September and started posting in October.

@InfamousPanda: Late November, early December began posting.

@TheBlackSpiderman: Created account in September, started posting on November 4th.

Tell us about your impression when you first used Clapper and compare it to your experience on the app right now?

“When I first started using clapper it was a little bit scary. Stabbings, blood, accidents, cursing. I call it the wild west, anything went. It was crazy. Now, depending on the features you use, there is adult content, but mainly is very relaxing, funny, and feels like a family. That’s the main difference, instead of people going at each other, people are coming together through collaborations, friendships, and even packages sometimes.”


“When I first got here, Clapper was everything I wanted a social media app to be. It was about free speech, everyone could speak their minds openly. As times changed with the current situation, Clapper had to make some changes. To an honest point, I can understand why they made those changes. I’ve met a lot of great people here. I am still here every day because this is my daily therapy. I just do miss how openly we were able to speak before.”


“First impression when I got on the app: I didn’t like it. Hated it. The second impression, I was feeling it more and said: I’m going to make this home. Now the features have become better, there are fewer bugs, I just miss how it was before, where you could talk freely about a person without repercussions.”


How would you define your content? What type of videos do you enjoy doing the most?

“I enjoy two things that I do the most: my tower garden video and the daily bread message videos. Those are my favorite things to do. But I can’t discount my running videos too. As a disabled runner, it is important to me to document all the recent things that I’ve gone through to be able to do the things that I’ve done.”


“My content is pretty diverse. I am not a master of one thing, I just think I have many abilities in different things. Even though my platform was very political when I started, now it has branched to a food aspect, like trying out restaurants or cooking food on lives. Sometimes I do music videos or comedy videos. My content is me, is not one hobby or one opinion, is everything that makes me, me.”


“I describe my content as sporadic or video blogger. My content can go from filming fitness in a gym to just blogging my life. Plus, I like doing video responses, sarcastically mostly.”


Let’s talk about community. What has been one of your favorite community activities or movements this past year on Clapper?

“My favorite thing is definitely #packagewars, I absolutely adore it. I’ve gotten to know people much better just by looking at their Amazon wishlist. I learn what the people really enjoy and their true selves.”


“When it comes to community trends, we went through this thing called #whoAmI trend and different creators were impersonating other creators. I did it and other people did it on me. I just think that was my favorite trend that I saw.”


“The Brother’s Corner, which is a radio show that we are doing on Fridays. It brings guys together and women together, to see the male perspective on things. Also, Dancing Against Bullies was interesting, I can’t dance, but I tried.”


With Clapper being one-year-old, we wanted to know, what important takeaways or lessons have you learned from your time in the app?

“I think an important lesson and takeaway that I learned is to be good to one another. To realize that difference is good, not everybody needs to think the way you think. I think that thought can bring people together in a more harmonious manner. Even if people don’t agree on everything, I love how now everyone gets along and works together for common goals, like getting verified. I think it is important to help in every way you can as a community.”


“It’s going to sound cliche, but times change and not everything will change for the better. We always have to remember to think of the glass-half-full mentality. If you always focus on what’s bad, it blinds you of what all the good things are. No matter how some parts might change, at the end of the day, this is a great app, where you meet great people and you form genuine friendships with people across the country. I came here for the people, and I met them because of the app.”


“Lessons that I’ve learned: Do not acknowledge the haters. Fudge them. Don’t give them too much power because they get emboldened by that. And since I can’t say to them what I want to say to them is pointless. Just ignore them.”


Can you give a final message for Clapper’s Anniversary?

Thank you for being a part of this special Clapper Anniversary Edition. To read more Deep Dives go here.

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