One Year Of Clapper: The Recap

Today, we are taking a journey through time. In honor of our first anniversary, we want to make a recap of all the great moments Clapper has had in the past year. Through this timeline, we want to show how much we’ve grown and how much hard work is put into this app every day. We thank you since we could have never done it without you. Now, we give you: The Recap.

Happy Birthday Clapper!🎉


Launch date: July 22nd, 2020

In the beginning, there were approximately 20 accounts. Now, we have over 700,000 accounts and about 1.2 million downloads. “Newsclapper” was the original name. Clapbacks were the only thing that differentiated us from TikTok.

Original Goal

  • Highlight current events and news
  • Bringing people together
  • Encouraging people to create content


@Newsclapper account dropped the first promoting video.


Everything changed…

No more “Newsclapper”, just CLAPPER. 

Rebranding of Clapper

In September, Clapper stopped being a “Free Speech” platform and changed its mission and goals. From then on, it was all about community:

“Be heard, Be seen, Be valued”

Clapper Team


  • @Clappercreator was born. This was its first post ever:


In November, many new features began to appear on Clapper. Creators could now reply to comments with a video response. Our team was thinking of new ways to get creators to post more and be more involved in the app. This is how Clapper Fam came to life; the monetization of Clapper accounts. We created a support system where our creators could make money doing what they love most; creating.

@Clapperacademy’s Debut

What started as a tutorial account, ended up being one of the most important accounts on Clapper, where creators go for clarity and learn new things about the app. This account currently has approximately 50k followers. 

First post from @Clapperacademy:


Community Kept Growing With New Features🆕

  • Group chats went live💬
  • New Years Surprise: Tipping Feature💰


  • A new year had started, and with it, we deep-dived on our creator’s content. The First Deep Dive from @Clappercreator was posted on January 14th.

New App Design


  • Music is Here!🎶
  • Radio and Livestreams were launched

The Town Halls🗣

  • The first town hall was on February 3rd
  • Then the first community town hall was on February 12th


March was the month of changes. Some of them were these:

  • This is an adult app(+18)
  • You can pin your videos on your profile (March 10th)
  • Verification explained and launched for the first time (March 11th)
  • The first UK town hall (March 19th)
  • Blog premiered: The first article


  • The first Deep Dive Series with Jon Collins (April 12th)


First Clapper Campaign (Ever):

Mother’s Day🌸

This was our first campaign and also the first time we created activities and challenges surrounding a holiday. We had a Mother’s Day playlist, a Mother’s Day blog where we feature many mom creators and many gifts and celebrations on the day.

  • Clapper could be dowloaded on GALAXY STORE.


Father’s Day Campaign

Nearby Feature

“Our new “Nearby Feature” will finally allow creators to set the location of their videos and find other people’s content in nearby places. This is an opportunity to find new friends in areas closer to you and people you want to get to know in different communities, states, or even countries.”

Nearby Article


Campaigns Of The Month:

  • 4th of July🇺🇸
  • Pride Month🏳️‍🌈

And finally…

Our 1 Year Clapper Anniversary!✨🎉

Hope you guys have enjoyed this recap and thank you for being part of the Clapper Fam.