Partnership With 3rd Rock Offers Creator Service Program

As a fast-growing video app that started in the pandemic, Clapper has faced many challenges and has learned many lessons in the duration of one year. We are always in search of innovation while catering to the needs of what matters most to us: The Creators. That being said, we are proud to announce something that will help us offer more tools to succeed and mentorship to our amazing creators. We have formed a partnership with 3rd Rock Media, a talent agency that will exclusively work with Clapper to provide creators the opportunity to be seen, be heard, and be valued at a larger scale. 

3rd Rock Media was founded in 2012. Essentially, the talent agency will work with existing creators on Clapper to improve the value of their content and brand, as well as incorporating new creators from other platforms to become creators on Clapper.

“We saw a great gap, that I would call an opportunity for influencers to become better,” said Tony Yang, CEO of 3rd Rock Media. “We’ve worked with top creators and we believe we can add tremendous value, show their talent, and use our experience to guide them and help them to avoid common mistakes.”

Benefits For Creators

Creators from Clapper can benefit in many ways through this partnership. 3rd Rock Media offers three main services to Clapper influencers: Influencer Acceleration, Revenue Booster, and Performance protection:

Influencer acceleration 

Partners will be trained to know how to get more traffic, growing a larger fan base and getting more exposure. 3rd Rock Media will do a data analysis  on their traffic, target viewers so they understand their audience better and improve their content frequency. This will be accomplished by guidelines and workshops. 

Revenue booster

With this benefit creators will find ways to capitalize on their influence. They will Improve their content to get more ad revenue, apply a target-driven concept to their live-streams and business sponsorship since 3rd Rock media works with many brands interested in finding worthy creators and partner with them.

Performance protection

Since content creators create so much influence, the agency wants to help them protect it, so they don’t get banned by the platform. They will do training, monitoring, and directly going to the platform as their representative when a problem arises. It’s hard to get to the main person on a platform, so they have a way of reaching out to those people. Their IP and personal brand will be protected as well. 

The Partnership

Clapper and 3rd Rock Media partnered in order to create a reciprocal relationship where both companies are adding value to creators who are in search of connections and leveling up. It’s because of these two companies’ community-oriented strategies that make this partnership a perfect fit.

“With Clapper, it is just perfect timing because Clapper’s core values are geared towards individuality, being seen, being heard, and giving the creators a voice. That’s exactly what we stand for,” said Yang. 

This partnership will not be only about what 3rd Rock can bring to the table, but also what the Clapper and the agency will achieve collectively. Both companies are committed to working together for a common goal. They will do monthly reviews together, weekly reports on performance and issue resolution strategies, as well as promotional programs.

“We are happy to work with 3rd Rock,” said Edison Chen, Clapper’s CEO. “I believe 3rd Rock can bring true value to our creators and accelerate their growth on Clapper.“

Selection Process

While we believe everyone with talent deserves an opportunity to be part of this experience, the selection process will go through an algorithm to select candidates fairly and based on their existing performance on the platform or cross-platform. The algorithm will analyze things like the way they interact with fans, type of content they are posting, how they are participating in the community, etc. Being chosen for this program, doesn’t mean you won’t be expected to keep improving your content creation.

“When they begin working with us there will be an evaluation within the company,” said Yang. “The team comes two or three times a month to look at their progress, rating things that they do well and that they can improve. We want to bring realtors from where they are today to the next level.”

There can be two types of creators selected for this program. The first type are creators who already have a big following base across platforms, especially on Clapper and could benefit more through brand, business deals and just overall learning how to keep growing a content creator. The second type, would be a creator who has considerable talent, but has not yet reached a lot of people and wants to be trained on how to grow their brand and be more successful. 

Income and monetization benefits

To be part of this agency there are no sign-up fees or monthly charges, in any case, when there are potential business deals it works as a shared revenue program. When it comes to compensation, this program wants to guarantee earnings before they even step foot on the door.

“We introduced a guaranteed amount in the initial phase with Clapper because we have so much confidence in what we can do and what clapper can bring so we give new creators a base guarantee on the first month,” said Yang.

Another perk 3rd Rock Media will offer for their partners is to remove the 100 dollar cashout setting and let them cash out any amount they want from Clapper. 

“Our service is customized with a systematic approach. If you make creators happy you are adding value,” said Yang. “We hope we have many creators join us because we believe in what we offer. Along the way, we all grow to be stronger, more resourceful as a team, and more international.”

If you are interested in this program, please visit to apply and learn more about their mission.

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