Deep Dive Series With MommaC7

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing a creator who has been a pillar in their community for quite some time now: MommaC7!

This Deep Dive is all about community. If you want to be successful on Clapper this woman is the example to follow. With her newly verified account, @MommaC7 has been responsible for many popular video collaborations within the app and for making all newcomers feel appreciated and welcomed. What we love about her is how much she does care for the people and how she uses her platform to spread positivity and inclusiveness.

Now, we welcome you to deep dive this amazing creator’s day-to-day life!

What does a day in your life look like?

My life is pretty crazy with all the children. I have 7 kids and they are all with my mom in Jersey. I have a house in Pennsylvania because I was doing school and working two jobs. On Sundays, I plan my week out. I get up in the morning from 5 to 6 a.m., get my coffee and breakfast. I go to New Jersey, help my mom with the children, and then I have to go to work. Then I come home, have dinner and I go on Clapper for a while. People on Clapper either see me super early saying hi to everybody or during the evening where I post videos.

How did your journey to become a creator begin?

My first day on Clapper was November 17, but I actually started making content in January. I was nervous. I try to make sure that I was making eye contact, that I wasn’t blinking. It was the first time I was creating content.

When you are creating content, who is your target audience? What do you expect your audience to feel when they watch your videos?

For me, I would like for them to feel either encouraged with a positive message. When I first came on Clapper I didn’t have a target audience, but then seeing the comments that I’ve been getting saying “what an inspiration” or “I needed to hear this today” feels good. I like to set something up that is either knowledgeable or something that is going to touch somebody’s heart.

What has been your favorite movement or campaign that you’ve seen on Clapper? Why?

I would have to say Dancing Against Bullies because I know that there was a big issue with bullies where people were going against each other. So, I started seeing people getting together rather than insulting somebody and putting gasoline into the fire. I just saw people dancing which is very nice to see.

You’ve recently become certified. Congratulations! Not only that, but you’ve also become a leader and pillar for your community on Clapper.  What does your community mean to you? How has your journey with them been?

What it means to me is people getting together. When I first started on Clapper I felt a little hopeless for the world. I saw so much negativity, so many degrading comments on social media, and it really upset me. As a mother knowing that your children are going to grow up in a world where all they are going to see is all this negative stuff is discouraging. I came to Clapper and I saw all these individuals who had respect for each other and were more kind. That’s something that I really admire from the Clapper community.

What do you like most about Clapper?

What I like most about Clapper is the community. For example, with the Fourth of July and Clapper Birthday collaborations. One of the creators messaged everybody on my behalf to submit their videos for the collaboration. If it wasn’t for her I couldn’t have done it. Everybody wanted to participate in it. Also, Clapper Pen Pals that I’m enjoying, gets people out of their comfort zones. I appreciate Dr.Kenny for creating that movement. There are so many creative people on Clapper and I just love it.

In what ways do you feel Clapper needs improvement?

Since I got blue check verified I’ve been seeing a lot of people that are new and the majority of them are making videos saying that they don’t know how to work Clapper and they want to leave. I think if there could be a way to let them know what Clapper is all about and getting that out there more it would be great. I just want those newcomers to be able to stay.

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper app?

I would tell them to keep pushing, keep creating content, I know it can be discouraging sometimes and frustrating. Just reach out to people, eventually, someone is going to welcome you in. So many amazing creators do this like @Red_headed_rebel welcomed me the first started. Be as positive as you can, always be respectful, and make sure to not do to people what you don’t want to be done to you. It’s something that I live by.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

I have college coming up with Dr. Kenny. He is the Vice President at Kansas Christian College and he offered scholarships for the Clapper community, I signed up and I got it. So, I am going to be starting in August. As a mom of 7, it has been difficult for me to go to school, and now I am going to continue on this path. It’s so exciting.

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