Highlighting Community Guidelines: Explicit Content

In this third part of the Community Guidelines series, we are going to talk about explicit content within the Clapper app. As you know, this is an attempt to make community guidelines less format-based and easier to understand. Since recently, we have had many OnlyFans creators and sex workers come into our app, we wanted to reinforce how explicit content works here on Clapper. We want everyone to be on the same page about what is permitted and what is off-limits. Also, we want to support this community and still maintain our community guidelines, so we can all work together and avoid any issues.

Let’s explore our statement about explicit content:

No explicit or suggestive content involving minorsYou may not post or encourage others to post sexual or suggestive content involving minors. 

Community Guidelines

On this statement, we are specifying that sexual content where minors are involved is not permitted. Not to mention it’s extremely illegal. However, there is some type of explicit and suggestive content that is still not permitted, even if minors are not involved. But, to understand this, we have to differentiate sexual content, explicit and suggestive content. Let’s deconstruct these definitions, so we can actually understand the key differences. We know these are simple concepts to grasp, but is still important to mention them.

Explicit content🔞

This term was created, along with “parental advisory”, for media that had mature or adult content on it. What this includes can be bad language, violence, or sexual content.

Bad Language🗣

“…Not be under 18 years of age to use Clapper (or older if required by your country). If there is any violation, we will delete its account.”

Community Guidelines

Since we are an adult app, where only 18 and older are allowed, people are allowed to curse and talk about mature topics like sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. Just as long as they are not:

  • Actively trying to cause harm to others
  • Explicitly recreating sexual acts
  • Or forcing people to take part in those activities, if they do not want to engage in them

In a few words, do your thing, don’t involve other people.


We have already highlighted violence in a previous article, but just to refresh your memory: Do not do anything that incites violence or causes harm to another person psychologically or physically. For example, you can curse, but not call other creators names that would hurt them.

Sexual content🚫

Just as violence, this is the type of explicit content that is not allowed. Content that is obscene, unlawful, or pornographic counts as sexual content. To specify even further, this is our statement on sexually explicit acts:

“Adult-friendly content is allowed, but users are prohibited from sexually explicit acts or nudity on Livestream.”

Code of Conduct for Livestreams


When we talk about nudity, this is what we refer to:

  • No genitals and buttocks. 
  • Pasties do not count as cover-ups. 
  • No simulation of any sexual activities or sex toys.

Promotion of Other Accounts📢

If you want to promote your OnlyFans account or other accounts where you create explicit sexual content, you may do so. Just because we don’t allow sexual content, doesn’t mean that you can’t invite people to follow you on other platforms where that content is permitted. You can still grow your community and respect our community guidelines in the process.

To learn more about privacy, check out our first article in this series.