Highlighting Community Guidelines: Spamming

Imagine having someone show up at your door and start knocking a hundred times at 5 am, just to realize it was a relentless salesman. Imagine having someone send you 150 “congrats” texts on your work’s group chat. Imaging having Chad (let’s call him that for now), send you 50 emails trying to win you over, after you explicitly said you weren’t interested. Oh, sweet Chad. Sometimes people are relentless and they think “no” means “keeps going”, or that bigger and louder is better. All that we ask you on Clapper: Just don’t be a Chad.

Spamming, although sometimes comes from good intentions or to get attention to you or your brand, can feel overwhelming to the person who is receiving it. We want you to promote your content and reach out to people on Clapper. However, we value quality over quantity any day. Oversatuarting people when it comes to comments, livestreams, radios, or posting will only get you negative attention. Have you ever heard the phrase “there is no such thing as bad publicity”? Well, on Clapper, there is. Spamming will get you in trouble and could affect your account in the long run.

But, What’s Considered Spam anyway?šŸ§

On Clapper, we considered that any unsolicited or unwanted content or messages to a large group of recipients is considered Spam. However, we came across Youtube’s definition of spamming on Google Support and it really aligned with our views.

ā€œSpam isĀ content or correspondences that create a negative experience by making it difficult to find more relevant and substantive material.ā€œ

Youtubeā€™s definition for spam in Live Chats

We want to be able to stay relevant and not have people who are distracting from relevant important conversations happening on Clapper. Given this newfound knowledge, we created a few guidelines on spamming.

Clapperā€™s Guidelines Regarding Spamming

Inappropriate content: this is defined by the host of the Livestream. We include vulgarity, curse words in any language, or anything the host finds offensive. It’s up to the host to make that judgment call on what goes too far on their lives or radio.Ā At the end of the day, it is their content.

Repetitive content:Ā This means sending the same message over and over again to the same users. There are no official anti-spamming rules for the number of messages you can send before it becomes spam. So, we created our own:

  • Sending a massive amount of messages to cause any negative distraction to the Livestream creator.Ā 
  • Negative distraction: Anything that will disrupt the conversation that is being presented by the live stream host.

Commercial Advertising: Constantly promoting your Clapper account or an event related to your brand or another creator’s. This is not allowed unless you have permission from the host to promote your brand, content, or business.Ā Ā 

Spamming through Clapper Functions

This is what we consider spam, depending on the functions you use:

Spamming through Video UploadingšŸ¤³šŸ¼

How:Ā Uploading content repeatedly, back to back, within a short interval of time. This content will not be pushed out on the FYP due to registering as spam by the algorithm. Try to stay on a healthy 2-3 times post a day.

Spamming through CommentsšŸ’¬

How:Ā Uploading the same comment consistently on the same video in a way to disturb a creator. Creators will have the right to delete your comments and report your account under spam. Make sure to provide pictures of the comments before deleting them to submit as evidence if this happens to you.

Spamming through LivestreamsšŸ“”

How: Consistently requesting to join a live will count as spamming, as well as, repeating sending similar if not the same message in the chat to cause a negative distraction to the Livestream. This will be determined by the host of the Livestream. Also, repeatedly advertising your own content or business during another creator’s Livestream without their consent is also considered spamming. Creators have the right to remove you from the Livestream if you engage in any of these activities.

Spamming through RadiošŸ“»

How: Consistently requesting to speak on a radio (raising your hand) to be a distraction to the speakers.
Creators have the right to remove you from the radio if they deem it necessary.


Creator SidešŸ”µ

  • The moderator can remove you from their content as well as report your account
  • Evidence must be provided in your report

Clapperā€™s SidešŸŸ 

  • Clapper moderators may remove you from Clapper Lives or Radios with consistent spamming
  • The algorithm will not push your content out if you are massively posting
  • Clapper will give a 3-day ban if we remove you from Livestream because of spamming.
  • Clapper will always give you 1 warning before you are removed. We will tag you and let you know what aspect of our guidelines you are violating. IF continued we will remove you.

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