Clapper’s New Feature: PK Battles

We are excited to announce our brand new feature: PK Battles. This new feature will be a fun add-on to creator’s livestreams. On PK battles, you compete with another creator for the support of the viewers. This is the ultimate test over whose community is the strongest. More than a popularity contest, we want to see all communities having fun with this new feature.

What’s PK Battles? 🥊

PK Battle is a battle between two live streams where each creator will compete in 5-minute-rounds for the most received gifts.

How does it work?🤷🏽‍♀️

Separate lives🎙➕🎙

Both creators will have to initiate their own livestreams before they start the pk battle. One creator must send a PK battle request to the creator they want to compete with and once the creator accepts the request both live streams will be connected. You are not only tied to one Livestream. During the PK Battle viewers can switch between lives to share support for both creators.


To support your favorite creator you need to send gifts on the Livestream of the creator you are cheering on. Feel free to spice things up by switching to the opposing creators live and tip them as well. The host can see their top 3 gift contributors on the screen at the moment of the battle.

Unlimited rounds∞

Every round lasts 5 minutes. When the timer runs out the creator with the most contributions (gifts) is declared the winner. You can reset the round as many times as you want and go again. You must click the PK button again to either end PK or go another round.

Dual Livestreams VS. PK Battle

It’s good to set a difference between the dual livestream and PK battle. They are both powered through livestreams, but they work differently and have different goals in mind:


  • Dual is when you bring up a user from the audience to Join your Livestream.
  • The original host is in control of the whole live
  • All coins made during the dual will be sent to the host of the Live
  • You can bring up multiple individuals during a single Live
  • Creators can go on a dual live as long as they want, there is no timer


  • PK is when 2 creators are hosting individual Livestreams and then a request must be sent to each other
  • This is a timed activity where you are able to go multiple rounds
  • The goal is to see whose Community is stronger from the most gifts received. The goal is to have your color overtake the other.
  • Only two creators can engage in Pk battles
  • The chat is divided, and you can mute the other creator, so you can focus on communicating with your audience

Now that you know what PK battles are, go ahead and try it out with your favorite creators!