Deep Dive Series With @Carl.NewcastleUK

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we interviewed our first and very well-known UK creator: @Carl.NewcastleUK.

We were excited to talk to a creator that has done so much for the UK community on Clapper. From moderating town-halls to creating the first-ever UK community town-hall. His inclusivity and love for Clapper goes beyond oceans. We talked about cultural differences when creating content in an American app and many interesting points of view from the UK community.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day in your life look like?

I wake up really early in the morning. For some reason, I go into this app called Clapper and see some of my American friends. I listen to them, say good morning. Then, I go to work around 6:30 am. I run a construction company in the northeast of England and we do home improvements. When I get to the office my day doesn’t stop. From the moment I get in to whenever time I stop. I run every aspect of the business. Its a very busy day for me. After I am finished, I come home, make dinner, take care of my 17-year-old son living with me and get on Clapper.

What made you want to start making content on social media?

I just enjoy making content. I used to go live on Facebook. I had a video that went viral around the world. I have 13 million views on a video with my ex-wife about ear waxing. That was my dip in the water with social media. Some of it was good, some of it was bad. I was getting comments from all over the world. It was unbelievable.

What are the main differences when creating content from the UK in an app that is based in the US? What challenges do you face in regards to time zone, humor, etc? 

Our humor is very different from American humor and worldwide humor. Although I love America. Sometimes it can be seen as offensive and reserve. We use language in a different way and what I mean by that is that swearing to us is a normal practice in everyday life. It’s natural for us. But we are all different and dealing with different cultures and communities, it’s what makes Clapper great. Also, when you are in an American app like this, the biggest challenge we have in the UK is the time zone. When you guys are awake, we are asleep. That is very difficult at times when you are trying to push that content and try to entertain.

Because of the huge influence that UK creators made on Clapper, we started our UK townhalls. What made you get involved in creating a community town hall for creators?

The town halls for me started with Scammy. I joined the first one along with other creators and I thought: we need to do this in the UK. I proposed it to Bita and next week will be our 24th community town hall in the UK. It has been growing and growing. Although we cover Europe and UK town hall, we as a UK community feel part of a team. The amount of Americans that come into our townhalls is immense and we value that. We listen and we take notes and we try to answer as best as we can.

How can Clapper support our UK creators better?

I joined the app a long time ago. The biggest thing for me is thinking about the UK. When you sit at these meetings you got to think about the wide world community, not just America. Sometimes I think Clapper bases everything on America, but for the app to grow you need to think about everyone.

What is your absolute favorite feature from the app?

Dual Live, for me. I love showing my personality. I enjoyed having banter with other creators. For me, it’s just my favorite. Behind that, there is the radio. I love listening to the radio. Also, the new feature that you just released, PK battles, is just amazing.

What do you enjoy most about Clapper?

I love that there is a lot happening with the app. For me as a single guy, it has been a blessing. Especially through COVID, because I feel like it has kept everybody sane. I have met some amazing creators, men and women. That for me is what it’s all about, building those connections.

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper?

My advice would be to going to radios and livestreams that you haven’t been in before. Make new connections with new people The biggest thing that you had was having the radios in the for you page because it made it easier to find radios from people you didn’t know. I think that is something that should come back. Because its a great way to meet new people.

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