The Catalog: Holiday Bazaar Vendors

With the holiday bazaar right around the corner, we want to give you a chance to see what’s in store. This catalog gives you an exclusive sneak peak at some of the items the vendors will be selling in this online market.

The categories for this bazaar will be: handcrafted, home decor, clothing/personal care and art.


Stall #9 @BourneCraftingNSmithing: Steel hand-forged blades, nail polish.

Stall #14 @WendigoTreasureChest: Handcrafted ornaments, dolls, totems.

Stall #13 @Wahtie_woodturning: Hardwood ornaments, bowls, whiskey bottle stopper and custom pens.

Stall #12 @JuniperJenn: Floggers and Paddles

Stall #11 @Hammerdeepforge: Handcrafted knifes and pendant leather.

Stall #10 @Byrdnestgifts: Handcrafted resin/ beats bracelets and rings

Home Decor

Stall #17 @Keramikslu: Clay sets of mugs, plates and bowls.

Stall #16 @JdubsArts: glassware art (wine glass, mugs, shot glasses) pop art.

Stall #15 @KaseyRay_adams: Tumblers

Clothing/personal care

Stall #8 @Wheelsovermatter: Oil essentials (body hair skin), candles, tote bags.

Stall #6 @Elena_kirsch: Children embroidered clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, onesies)

Stall #7 @Trezyure: Custom made t-shirts, logos and mugs


Stall #1 @3dawesomeness: 3d printed figures (Glow in the dark option)

Stall #3 @DjBatman: Small 3d objects(Zelda, power rangers, traffic cones).

Stall #2 @AnotherTattoedBlonde: Potions, Caricature personalized drawings, custom holiday cards.

Stall #4 @T_TownGirl: Acrylic paintings

Stall #5 @OnTheWingofaDragon: resin art (trays, figures, ornaments)

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