Introducing: Clapper Small Businesses

With the introduction of the Clapper Shop, artists and crafters have a real opportunity to turn their art into a small business. To create your own business, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a piece of artwork, it could be anything. First, it starts with an idea, and that idea can turn into a side hustle really fast. On Clapper Small Businesses, we will feature Clapper Shops just as we did with the Catalog on the Holiday Bazaar, but individually. In other words, we will feature their most popular items and their Clapper Shop progress.

Clapper Small Business features will be posted on a weekly basis every Wednesday.

What Are We Looking For In Your Shops?🛍

  • Your Clapper shop must be doing good. This means it has good reviews, the quality of images is high, you have a good amount of sales, and above all, your items are attractive and of high quality. 
  • If you are already a very successful small business outside of Clapper, we could invite you to open a Clapper account and shop. We want to highlight the old and the new that show promise, and potential. 
  • To be selected, you must have a clear vision of your brand and constantly promote your craft by going Shop Live or highlighting it on a pinned video in your profile.

How to Apply to CBS?👇🏼

To apply to CSB, you will need to have an active Clapper Account and an active Clapper Shop with at least 5 items listed.

In this submission, please provide the top 3 examples of your work. Make sure the images are of high quality and showcase your product in the best possible light.

After going over your submission, we will check your Clapper Shop to see the rest of your products. Make sure your shop looks professional and that it has a diverse selection. Also, we could select a few more products aside from your 3 submissions if they work well with the rest of your shop.

If you are ready to get your Clapper Small Business feature, apply here!

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