2022 Holiday Events On Clapper

Get to gobblin’! Our 2022 Holiday Season events are here and there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to talk about food, support small businesses, or sing your heart out, we’ve got the perfect event to scratch that itch. This year we will have #ThePerfectPie challenge, our #Bemyguest question challenge, holiday cooking livestreams, Clapper’s holiday bazaar, and finally our very first Battle of the Carols.

Read carefully and find out if you want to participate in one of these activities – or all of them!


Everyone knows that pie is the real star of Thanksgiving. But which one really reigns supreme? Show us your baking skills or tell us about your favorite pie using #ThePerfectPie.

A gif of a young, cartoon boy in eating pies; he finishes it in a few bites and immediately gets another.


Grandma and Uncle Mike are cool, but what if you could have Princess Diana at your Thanksgiving? Or Snoop Dogg? This month, use #BeMyGuest to tell us who you would invite to your Thanksgiving dinner. And there are no rules! They can be dead, alive, real, fictional, or from Clapper. The best videos will be featured in our socials on thanksgiving week.

A gif of someone dressed as a turkey eating (what looks like birdseed) out of someone else's hand.



Whatever you celebrate, the end of the year is full of cooking. Bring your Clapper fam into the kitchen with #HolidayCooking! You can show off your favorite recipes, test out new ones– whatever lets you show off your chef skills.

To help you get into the spirit, we’ll be going live with cooking creators during November and making a dish of their choice. Tune in to get some new recipes to test out and use #HolidayCooking to share your own end-of-the-year classics.

A gif of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets dancing with two spoons. The kitchen behind him is decorated for fall.

2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar🎄

Get your shopping lists ready! Our second Holiday Bazaar is December 5th – 9th. During the bazaar, Clapper shop owners will go live to show off their favorite items in their store and offer special deals to viewers. We’ll be featuring entertainers and performers to help boost the holiday spirit, and hosting a live auction benefitting the North Texas Food Bank. More details (and a catalog of all the goodies up for grabs) will be available later.

If you’d like to be part of the bazaar as a seller, apply here. If you’d like to apply as an entertainer, apply here. The application will close on November 23rd. Keep an eye out for more information!

A gif of a hand hitting a red button. The clip pans out to show a town center decorated with Christmas lights; once the button is pressed, a Christmas tree lights up.


Did somebody say Clapper’s Got Christmas Talent? This year we’re hosting the ultimate Christmas carol showdown on December 16th. Creators will form teams of 3-6 people and prepare a Christmas carol to perform live on ClapperSounds Radio. These carols can be something completely new, a reimagined favorite, or a Christmas classic- the choice is yours! The winning team will be selected by our own panel of distinguished judges…(ClapperSounds, ClapperTalks, and ClapperCreator, of course). Want to learn more or sign up with your team? Applications will open on December 1st, so keep an eye out!

A gif of Kermit and Robin from the Muppet Christmas Carol. Kermit is Bob Cratchit and Robin is Tiny Tim being carried on his shoulder. They are walking down a snowcovered street, singing.

If you want to participate in any of these fun activities, stay on the lookout for the dates and announcements on @ClapperCreator.

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